Hemiplegic Migraine

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I had a really bad migraine, it was a very hard time in my life.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



Hemiplegic Migraine


Athena Martinez

Waking up with your arm feeling like its asleep is never comfortable-well that’s what I thought was happening when I woke up one night. I got up to get some water; when I started bumping into walls and knocking everything over, I noticed something was wrong. I began to make my way up the stairs and I noticed I couldn’t see out of my right eye; it got harder every step I took because I couldn’t see. When I finally got to my mother’s room, I no longer could talk right. The right side of my face was numb and from my tongue to the back of my throat was also numb.  I felt as if my whole right side was asleep and I had no control of it.

It was very difficult for me to explain to my mom what was happening to me. My mother and father thought I was sleepwalking; it took awhile before they finally noticed there was something really wrong. I started talking funny, and no one was able to understand me. It was so difficult trying to pronounce words because what I wanted to say would not come out. When I would try to say something, just mumbling or words that didn’t make sense would come out. It was scary because I couldn’t talk or communicate with anyone to tell them that something was not right.

In the emergency room they gave me a lot of morphine and took an MRI and a CAT scan. The doctor’s couldn’t tell me what was going on they just drugged me up to make the pain go away. The doctor tried to make me read an elementary book when I started to talk. Reading the book was hard I knew what it said but some words I couldn’t say. I sounded like a kid learning how to read. It felt like my head had taken so much that I couldn’t think straight.


A hemiplegic migraine can be mistaken for a stroke; it can make you temporarily paralyzed on one side of your body, and it can also take your sight from the paralyzed side. This migraine can last from sixty seconds to an hour. I had my first hemiplegic migraine one year ago; my cousin and I are the only ones that have this migraine in our family. I didn’t know what was going on with me; until I talked to my cousin. I explained to her what was going on with me, that’s when I found out what a hemiplegic migraine was. This type of migraine can cause stroke like symptoms such as feeling paralyzed on one side of your body, having a hard time pronouncing words, and a strong headache.

After all the feeling in my body came back and I was able to talk, I got a really bad headache that no medicine not even morphine could relieve. The migraine felt as if there was a knife digging and turning into my head constantly. Having this headache can last a month;  mine only lasted a day. The only way I was able to relieve the headache was being in a very dark room resting. This headache was so horrible; I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach including fluids. I tried drinking water and the broth from soup but as soon as I did, my stomach couldn’t take it and eventually it came back up.

This headache seems like it can do damage to the human brain, but it’s just a really bad migraine. There are a lot of things that can trigger this migraine such as certain cheeses, strobe lights, bright lights and the one that caused mine was stress. Dealing with this headache was very hard for my family and me. They don’t want to see me in that much pain ever again. It’s been a year since I’ve had a hemiplegic migraine; I hope I never experience this again, but you can’t stop them from happening. I will continue to stay away from the things that cause me to have a hemiplegic migraine.


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Hemiplegic Migraine

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