Vagn and the She Mouse

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This was a story that I had to do for school. Basically, I had to choose a Folktale and make it my own. So I chose Diamonds and Toads and made it into a Modern Folktale.

Submitted: April 20, 2011

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Submitted: April 20, 2011



Vagn and the She Mouse

Once apon a time, in the hills of Hollywood, California, there once lived a family of fairies. The family consisted of a tired, seventy-five year old grandmother, and two brothers, one who was charming and seventeen years old while the other was sweet and eighteen year olds. The two brothers lived with their gruff grandmother in a small two-story home near the woods. The younger brothers' name was Thor and he was strongly favored by many of the young female fairies in town. Thor was tall, buff, and knew how to work his charm with the ladies. The older brother, however, was the complete opposite of his younger brother; Vagn was short, repulsively ugly and, sadly, was hated by all of the female fairies in town.
Many do not believe that Vagn and Thor are brothers because of each of their apperance, but many do not realize the ugly and beauty in the two brothers. Vagn may have been ugly but his heart was made of gold and he had a nurturing behavior. He could bring dead flowers back to life just by the sound of his sweet, longing voice. Thor, on the other hand, had a materialistic behavior that many did not see, for it was his dashing good looks that over shadowed his ugly side. Thor only dated the prettiest of the prettiest girls and only wore designer clothing like Zhanel and Talph Dauren.
These two brothers were not only different in personality and looks, but also in age. Vagn and Thor argued a lot about who was older and who should and shouldn't do the chores because the other is the oldest while the other is the youngest. Though, these silly conversations were not the similairities that Vagn and Thor shared: They shared a grandmother.
Grandmother Birna watches over her grandchildren, while their mother and father travel around the world, collecting valuables. Thor was Grandmother Birna's favorite grandchild! She babied Thor and enabled his materialistic behavior with thousand of dollars to spend on shoes and pamper himself with the finest thing in life. Grandmother Birna did not see the ugly in Thor, like any other swooning female, but she did see the ugly on Vagn. Grandmother Birna despised Vagn! She calls him insulting name and orders him to do the chores around the house, while never giving him a break.
Even though Vagn thinks it is unfair of how Grandmother Birna treats him, he still forgives her for her biased attitude. Grandmother Birna expected Thor to be the first and only brother to marry amongst him and Vagn. She could never picture Vagn in a tuxedo, ready to say his vows to his lovely wife, but this all changed the day that Grandmother Birna sent him to water the flowers in the garden. . .

It was a Spring afternoon when Vagn was just walking back inside the house from washing off the windows. He hadn't even been inside for a whole minute until Grandmother Birna yelled out, “Vagn, you idiot! You didn't clean the dishes! Go into the kitchen and get the work down!”
Vagn sighed, “Yes Grandmother.” He went into the small kitchen and started to clean the pile of dishes stacked within the sink, which he had cleaned that same morning after their breakfast. Grandmother Birna was handing Thor his fifth and finale chocolate chip cookie, pleased to feed her grandchild.
“Vagn! Make your brother another batch of cookies!” Grandmother Birna got up from out of her chair, wobbling over to the kitchen with her cane in the right hand and plate in the left. “Did ya hear me boy!” She wacked Vagn within the back of his leg with her cane and thrust the plate into the sink with the rest.
“Yes Grandmother,” Vagn frowned and rubbed at the throbbing sensation in the slope of his leg. Grandmother Birna nodded stubbornly and wobbled back into the living room to settle back down into her chair – without the help from Thor who was sitting across from her, with his feet propped up on the coffee table and hand and arms folded behind his head.
Grandmother Birna and Thor shouted out an order to Vagn to make more chocolate chip cookies. Vagn was hustling between the stove and washing the dirty dishes. When he was finally finished with the washing and drying off of the dishes and slid a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven, he sighed and walked into the living room to plop down on the couch and propped his feet up on the coffee table.
Grandmother Birna's mouth gaped while Thor's eyes widened as he stared at the other set of feet on the coffee table surface. Grandmother Birna slapped Vagn's shins with her cane, “Boy! What have I told you about putting your feet up on the coffee table? Only Thor is allowed to do that after a hard days work! Do you understand?”
Vagn curled his legs into his chest, rubbing his shins, “But, Grandmother, Thor hasn't done anything all day! He doesn't even have a job-”
“Shut up you nimcompoop!” Grandmother Birna wacked Vagn again but this time hitting him in the small of his back, making him wince and fall off the couch and onto the ground. “Get up! You have no right to be on the ground! Only Thor can sit on the ground! Now get up on your feet you lazy child and check on Thor's cookies – they better not be burnt!” Grandmother Birna continued to wack at Vagn as he ran past her and fled into the kitchen to check on Thor's cookies. “Ohh, Vagn,” Grandmother Birna cooed as she held a sly smile upon her sagging pale face.
“Yes Grandmother?” Vagn asked, walking around the corner and back into the living room.
“Have you watered my flowers today, Vagn?” Grandmother Birna asked, looking up into the eyes of her least favorite grandson.
“No Grandmother,” Vagn said sheepishly, shaking his head.
Grandmother Birna raised an eyebrow as she tightened her grip upon her cane, “And why not?”
“I-I forgot?” It came out as a question because Vagn wasn't sure how she would take the news. Grandmother Birna hated hearing the words “no” or “forgot”, especially when it came out of Vagns mouth!
“Well get out there and start watering my flowers!” Grandmother Birna hissed as her olive eyes went stiff and cold.
Vagn nodded, “Yes Grandmother,” he said timidly and grabbed the watering can from underneath the counter skin and walked out the front door, forgetting to close the door behind him. When Grandmother yelled out that he better close the door, he walked back to shut the door and made his way towards Grandmother Birna's garden. Vagn did not dare say to Grandmother Birna that “her” garden was techinally “his” garden.

One day, the doctor told Grandmother Birna that she would die within three months unless she did something that was stress free and brought her spirits up. Well, Grandmother Birna requested – more like demanded – that Vagn plant her a garden on top of a hill facing East. Afterwards, when the seeds were planted and watered, Grandmother Birna told him that his new chore was to water her flowers. Vagn did not protest, so for the next six months, he watered her flowers until they bgean to sprout and bloom. Vagn was quite silly to think that after her flowers bloomed, that Grandmother Birna would take up the job of caring for her own garden. Well, three weeks later after not watering the flowers, Grandmother Birna decided to take a trip up to her garden and see how it was progressing. Grandmother Birna was livid when she saw her wilting flowers! Vagn tried to make sense with his Grandmother that it was “her” garden and that she should be taking care of “her” garden. Did his explanation resolve anything? No. However, he did earn some bruises over his body and from that day on, Vagn never said a word about “her” garden.

When Vagn made it to the top of the hill, he couldn't resist to smile at the dozens of beautiful beaming flowers that created a rainbow along the grass. Vagn set the watering can underneath spout of the well and began to pump out glistening clear blue water into the bucket. The water was like no other! It was fresh from the Pacific Ocean and it was the only type of water that the fairies used when caring for their garden. You see, back in the time of B.C., a fairie named Hinrik was on an adventure to discover the unknown land (which is now known as America) but that night was a terrible night for the fairie. Charcoal clouds swam over the skies and blocked out any light from the shining sun and the waves began to roar hungerily and the skies began to scream out thunder. The ship that Hinrik was on had fallen apart into pieces and Hinrik and his men on board were forced into the ocean and it was no surprise that his men had died. The fairie, however, lasted a little longer until an enmorous wave fell over Hinrik and shoved his head underneath the water.
In the process, Hinrik had swallowed and breathed in too much water. The fairie thought his luckcouldn't get any worse until he saw an object swimming towards him. He couldn't tell what the object was, for his vision was blurred and when the object came into at least arms length, Hinrik's silver eyes widened. It was a hungry shark coming his way and the shark enguled Hinrik and it is known still to that very Spring day, that Hinrik's fairie blood is what makes the water so magnficent!

While Vagn was pumping the water, he began to hum a lovely song to himself and when he did this, it brought the forest animals come wandering out and today, a tiny, squeaky mouse came scattering out from underneath a leafy green bush.
“Excuse me, sir,” the mouse spoke, nudging at Vagn's ankle with her small, pink nose.
Vagn frowned and looked around in hopes to find whatever voice had just spoken to him, and when he felt a furriness at his bare ankle and spotted the mouse, he jumped, startled. “A-are you speaking to me?”
“Yes, yes I am,” said the mouse, wriggling her fine whiskers.
Vagn frowned, he had never seen nor heard a mouse speak before. Oh, what a sight! “B-but mice can't speak!”
“Indeed, we can not but you see, I am actually a young girl trapped inside a mouses body,” explained the mouse. “Now, would you be ever so kind to give me a drop of that delicious water? I've asked so many others but they keep running off for whatever reason.” The mouse said, shrugging her tiny shoulders.
Vagn hesitated, gazing in between the water inside the can and the green-eyed, pleading mouse. “I am very sorry, but I have to water these flowers.”
The mouse sighed, “Oh, but please! If you do not give me a drop of that water before midnight, I will be stuck like this forever! Please, sir, you are the only way to break this curse!”
Vagn frowned and kneeled down to the mouse, “Curse? What curse? Can't you just visit a nearby river and receive water that way?”
The mouse shook her tiny brown head, “I am afriad not. You see, there was this witch that turned me into this mouse. She cast a spell on me and if I do not a get a fairie, like yourself, to give me water, then I shall live in this body for the rest of eternal life! Now please, sir, please give some water! If you do, I will grant the treasure of love from another living being and you too well get married, and I'll give you the power of wealth! Now how does that sound?”
Vagn frowned, “Wealth?”
“Yes! Wealth!” The mouse exclaimed with bulging eyes, “Each time you speak, diamonds and gold with fall right off your tongue with every word! Now what do you say?”
Vagn could not believe that a mouse could grant him this propose and if she could, then he was dreaming! He sighed and shook his head, “Well, I am sorry, but I am tempted by those promises.” The mouses green eyes widened even more, impressed by his selflessness. “However, I will give you a drop of water so you can escape that mousy body.”
“Oh thank you!” Squeaked the mouse. Vagn lifted the mouse into the palm of his hand, tipped the can carefully to one side and leaned the mouse towards the water. The green-eyed mouse stuck out her tiny pink tongue and took a small sip of the cool water. “I am done now, thank you,” said the mouse and Vagn set her back on her feet. “You are ever so kind! By five 'o clock tonight, I will be back in my normal body! What is your name sir?” The mouse smiled up at Vagn with admiring, pleased eyes.
“My name is-” Gold and diamonds began to poor off of Vagn's tongue and he gasped, staring at the pile of polished gold and diamonds that sparkled on the ground.
“Isn't it just lovely?” The mouse smiled at the pile of gold and diamonds then looked back into the eyes of the man that had just saved her. “What is your name sir?” she repeated.
“Vagn,” another spill of diamonds and gold slipped out of Vagns mouth.
“Thank you Vagn! You are a kind man and just like these diamonds and gold, your heart is made of such beauty!” The mouse smiled, “You could've walked away or let temptation lead you to your success, but no. You are a good samaritan, Vagn! Catch you later!” The mouse winked her emerald green eyes up at Vagn before she hurried off into the woods.
Vagn silently sat there for a moment, astonished by what had just happened. He sighed, grinning toothily, then remembered that he had to water the flowers and went on with his task.

When he got back home, Grandmother Birna shot him evil daggers. “You fool! You took too long to get home! Now Thor's cookies are burnt!” She threw the tray of burnt chocolate chip cookies into the sink.
Thor sat up and glared at his brother, “You numnut! You had me wait forever!” Actually, in reality, it had only been twenty minutes since Vagn had left. “What took you so long?”
Vagn shrugged, “I'm sorry, Grandmother. I'm sorry, Thor. I guess I lost track of time. I'll make another batch right this instant!” He hung his head while Grandmother Birna and Thor froze in place, taken back at the sight of gold and diamonds that had just slipped out from his mouth. They couldn't believe their eyes, gold and diamonds just came out of Vagn's mouth! Grandmother Birn and Thor slowly stalked towards the pile on the floor that sparkled and glistened. Vagn set the watering can on the counter top, put the burnt cookies down the garbage disposal and started up a new batch of cookies for Thor. When Vagn placed the tray inside the oven, he turned around at the sight of two pairs of eyes staring back at him.
“Vagn,” Grandmother Birna spoke softly, “Where did all of this gold and diamonds come from?”
Vagn had completely forgotten the gift that the mouse had granted him and he stared at the gold and diamonds cradled in Grandmother Birna's and Thor's hands. “I don't know,” he shrugged and another spill of gold and diamonds slipped off his tongue.
Grandmother Birna wobbled over to her grandson and wacked him in the side of his knee, “Don't you lie to me boy! Where did this come from? How are you able to speak with diamonds and gold coming out of your mouth?”
“Yeah!” Thor joined his Grandmothers side with envoius narrowed eyes, “Spill the beans! . . . Or in your case, the diamonds!”
Vagn's blue eyes darted back and forth between his Grandmother and brother, he thought that they wouldn't believe him but he decided to give them the truth. He explained to them why it took him so long to come back home then told them about the talking mouse.
Grandmother Birna was outraged, “What? This can't be true! You're ugly and you're hated by many people! This can't happen to you! This has to happen to Thor, not you!” She turned to her other grandson and grasped his round, muscular shoulders, “Thor,” she spoke gently. “Go to my garden and hum a song then, I want you to act nicely to the mouse when she comes out and give her some water!” She glared over her shoulder at Vagn, “You should be getting married and you should have diamonds and gold spill out of your mouth, not this pest!”
Thor glared at his brother then met his Grandmothers eyes and shook his head, “I don't feel like doing-”
Grandmother Birna slapped Thor across the cheek before he could finish his sentence and stared up into the boys eyes with a long pointed finger. “You will go to the mouse and act nicely! Now go!” She ordered.
Both Thor and Vagn stared at their Grandmother in surprise, while Thor had his hand pressed to his hot, red cheek, he nodded and snatched the watering can and rushed out of the house.
When Thor made it to the top of the hill, he placed the watering can underneath the spout and began to pump, lazily and hummed a cracky tune while he looked around for any sight of a talking mouse.
Who came out at his left was an old woman with an old wooden cane and dressed in a blue cloak. “Excuse me young man,” she said weakly, “Mind if you give a sweet old lady like myself, some of that water?”
“Beat it grandma!” Thor waved a dismissive hand, never meeting the old beggars eyes. “This water isn't for an old bag like you! Shoo and go away! Go find some other gulliable guy to give you water!” The old womans eyes widened, not taking kindly to his rude words and she began to recite a chant underneath her breath. “Go away you old hag-” When Thor spoke again, toads and snakes rushed out of his mouth. He screamed in horror and stared at the slithering vipers and hopping frogs on the ground then he looked up and the old woman was gone.

Thor screamed all the way home while waterfalls of toads and snakes came rushing out his mouth. When Grandmother Birna asked what happened, Thor told her the story and with every word, a toad and snake slipped off his tongue. Grandmother Birna gasped and turned around to a bugged eyed Vagn and she forced him out of her house, while Thor stood and cried.

That evening, at five 'o clock, Vagn was perched on a rounded rock while facing a rushing river in the woods. A light hand rest on the boys shoulder and he looked up to see a smiling, beautiful young girl of his own age, with locks of mousy brown hair and eyes of emerald green. “Hi,” she said and sat down next to Vagn, smiling.
Hi,” Vagn looked at the girl, amazed that she hadn't run off screaming calling him an ogre and other mean names after she witnessed his hideous face.
“I am Gleda,” she said, holding out a small hand.
“Vagn,” he took her hand and shook it. After that, they sat in silence, staring at the river. Gleda took his face into her hands and she looked into his eyes before she laid a kiss upon the boys lips. Vagn stared at her, his heart racing in his chest and virbrating in his ears with his eyes bulged and filled with complete surpise. “W-what was t-that for?” He asked, shakily.
Gleda pointed to the river, “Look,” she said with a cheery smile.
Vagn hestitated and looked at the reflection in the water. What stared back up at him was a handsome man with his same blue eyes but with a handsome face. Vagn couldn't believe his eyes, this couldn't be him, it just couldn't! He pressed his hands to his face, massaging his cheeks and running a hand through his rich hair. Vagn gazed at the giggling Gleda and then it registered what had just happened.

Back home, Grandmother Birna was disgusted by Thor's sudden ugliness and she forced the young boy out of her house, while he begged and pleaded with her as toads and snake fell out of his mouth. Grandmother Birna shooed her now repulsive grandson away from her house with her cane. She slammed the door shut after seeing that Thor ran away into the night and she sat in her chair, thinking about the days events. Slowly, she started to drift off in the cold silence and that night, Grandmother Birna died in her home as a miserable old, lonely woman. . .

The Moral of the story is “Greed is an ugly thing but kindness is a beauty, for if you are kind, good things will come your way.”

Based off of the folktale “Diamonds and Toads”,

© Copyright 2018 thenameisangelX. All rights reserved.

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