The Lies of Pinocchio

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My twisted up version of Pinocchio.

Submitted: March 07, 2012

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Submitted: March 07, 2012



Every time he lied
His wooden nose grew.

And every time he lied

someone died.

"Pinocchio, my son, did you forget to feed the goldfish?"

"No, Papa."

His father was the first to go.

Then the puppet, the little wooden puppet ventured out within the village.

"Hello!" he said.

Though all were frightened of the little wooden puppet.

After some time

of public humiliation and shame

The puppet hid in the shadows

stealing to make a living.

"You've stolen my fruits, haven't you?" a merchant who saw him snatch an apple accused.

"No sir."

That was a lie

and so his nose grew

and so the merchant died.

The little wooden puppet grinned and smirked with the newly discovered power

he lied to all

and he killed them all.

Soon the entire village was filled
with corpses of people that were lied to

And happily

the evil wooden puppet frolicked away

into another village.

He continued to lie

his nose kept growing

and more people were dying.

Then, people began to notice.

And so they knew that they had to end the evil puppet.

"Kill him and scorch him and burn off the ashes!" the villages chanted, holding pitchforks and lanterns.

"Destroy the lying puppet!"

He heard them

he knew he would win

even though he was outnumbered.

Before they could even attack

he appeared in front ofthe crowd

"You're all my friends," he said ever so cheerfully.

And of course,

that was a


And so his nose grew

and the people fell dead.

He giggled

this was fun.

But then

a sparkle

a blue light

it appeared by him

and a female voice spoke.

"Pinocchio, what you are doing is wrong."

"Who are you?" he demanded, distressed.

"I am the blue fairy, no one important. But, Pinocchio I ask you, why do you lie?"

"I lie for fun."

"I know you, Pinocchio, you have no heart. You're only a puppet, is that correct?"


And for once,

that wasn't a lie.

"If you were real, you'd understand your wrong doings."

"Real? I don't comprehend."

"I will be your friend, Pinocchio.

I know that is all that you need."

"A friend? I've never had one."

"Only if you listen, Pinocchio. Promise. No more lies."

"Okay," he agreed. "No more lies."

The blue fairy then appeared in her mortal self

Her skin was fair her eyes were the deepest shade of blue

And she was smiling.

"Thank you, Pinocchio. Now remember your promise."

"I will."

The two became close
as close as friends could get

They went off to a forest
where Pinocchio could harm nobody.


the blue fairy to him
was a miracle

She made him feel strange

like he was


His feeling his yearning his want to be real

made him feel horrible

He felt the guilt of killing all those people.

"Blue fairy, what happens to dead people?"

"They turn to dust," said the fairy. "Then their souls are free to go wherever they please."

"Souls? Do I have a soul?"

"I am not sure."

"Oh, I see."

Eventually, the blue fairy believed

"Pinocchio can return to humanity."

So with his wooden hand in hers

she led him into a village.

The first thing that happened alas

was a fight of words.

"Haha! You're made of wood!"

"No I'm not!"

Then the one that was mocking him

fell to his death.

"Pinocchio!" the blue fairy, who was watching said. "How could you?"

"I'm sorry!" he exclaimed.

Truly, he was.

"Your promise, you broke it, why did you do that?"

"It was an accident the reason I lied."

"I don't believe you!" The blue fairy began to cry. "You're still the same, killing for fun." She began to fly away.

"No!" Pinocchio said. "Don't leave!"

"Well, why shouldn't I?"

"I have a feeling for you."

"A feeling? It must be hate." The blue fairy lowered her gaze. "Pinocchio, I loved you!"

The puppet stood quiet.

"Well? Do you love me?"

His answer was immediate.

"No, I don't love you."

He strongly believed

he needed to be real to love a "soul."

But then

to his shock

the blue fairy fell dead.

His nose grew one last time.

Pinocchio stared

unaware that he had just told a lie.

© Copyright 2017 TheNamelessOne. All rights reserved.

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