"You And I"

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Submitted: March 27, 2011

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Submitted: March 27, 2011



You and I walked down to the river, Under the bridge, where the stream used to flow. We spoke and the words took flight Like leaves in the wind Crying, crying for colours, Lost in the black of coal, cast in a hidden role I say my part, ‘Goodbye.” Now, where to start, where to begin I see snow. Danseur, do you feel it? Like once before long ago Words danced around, skirting every emotion That I never knew It still echoes in the streets every winter Late in December. Do you remember? Did you feel my heart beating? Beating only for you

And now I am falling.

I could never wish for, I could never join in, I could never act, Could never say I could never Be what you needed I could never Make you stay The ground is hard. Danseur, do you see it? It grows more parched every year I believe And I look away and know I’ll be under there someday And I’ll float down the river Won’t follow the swan that was meant to fly Hand me your burdens ‘cause the ship’s Sinking anyway

And I am falling

Tell me your secrets if there’s no one to listen I really don’t mind, anytime, anytime. It’s not hard to find me, danseur. I will always be here I’ve got a shoulder, and I’ve got a mind I’ve got my heart and I’ve got lots of time In and out of the years. Do you hear? What is view like up there? Is it nice? Is it better than what You left behind. This brick cavity I see you leaping, running Turning, jumping, Rising, soaring, totally ignoring The laws of gravity

Though I am falling

What good does it do to wear satin and lace When they’re always torn away? Then there’s nothing save you, nothing to quiet The screams that live in the seams of the bricks Or the people with the weather-chapped faces Who stand on every corner Why, they’re not sure, but some carry stones Some carry sticks Victory, they cry, victory They send the war ships out to sea They send me down beneath this town There’s charcoal on my face And the river’s run dry And the wind starts to cry Cause the words finally Fall into place

Tournez à partir de moi, Danseur. Qu'est laissé là? Seulement plié. Plié.

And I am falling.

You and I walked down to the corner No words between us, no steps to perform And I cradled the sight of your smile Long after bus drove by And I held it forever I could never drown it from my eyes And I stood and looked up, Lost in the blue of the sky

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