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What happens when you secretly start to respond to everyone's messages in high school?
Honestly, nothing much expect some good amount of revelation of student's lives.
And that's exactly the case in Emily Watson's school; Roosevelt High.

Meet Emily, other than being a freshman and one of the "guys" in her friends squad; she gets elected to be the Respondent of Mr. Hill's (her English teacher) Letters To You Session and starts to reply to people's letters in secret. She figures out about people's insecurities, their desires to fit in and to be like others. Eveything goes the usual way until when she finds one letter that raises her suspicion. She finds out that one of her friends have feelings for her and she tries to find which one them it could be through the clues from the letters.

It's a story about standing out from the rest, society and pressure, friendship, love, family, life and accepting yourself the way you are.

Writer's note: Please give it a read! It's a lot more than you think it is.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

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What is it like to be the Respondent of Letters To You session? The Respondent (here, Emily) will answer to everyone's letters to what they've been dealing with. The name of the student who will
write to the Respondent doesn't have to mention his/her name. They can give a nickname for themselves. And in the session end party; the Respondent of that session will be announced.

A charter description so that you don't get confused who's who:

Emily: The protagonist and the Respondent

Stephanie: Emily's girl best friend who ditches the entire friend's circle so that she could spend time with her boyfriend.

Dylan: One Emily's best friend and the quarterback of the football team, who's also infatuated with himself.

George: One of her best friends and the captain of the baseball team.

Steve: One of Emily's best friends, who's also very shy, helpful and kind.

Martin: One of Emily's best friends, who's a super genius in math.

I cannot say more about it because it will ruin all the fun but please do read it!
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Chapter 2

Hey guys! This is the second chapter of Letters To You and I know that I said I'll post it every Monday but I just felt like posting it today (cause I cannot wait for the real suspense to start
from the third chapter)

In this chapter you'll get to know how it's like to be the Respondent and also about some other things.

Cannot wait for Monday! Happy New Year
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Chapter 3

Hey guys! I'm back with the third chapter of Letters To You. Hope you enjoy it :D
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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7   As soon as I reached home; I rushed to my room and opened the letter:   Dear Respondent,  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 11

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Chapter 12

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 14

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Chapter 15

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chapter 16

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chapter 26

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