A Brief Detour in Time

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Spontaneous idea for a short story. Very first draft, definitely going to undergo some editing. Let me know what you think. :)

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Submitted: June 19, 2014

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Submitted: June 19, 2014



In the distant past, I suppose it'd be your future, humanity discovered a way to manipulate our own evolution. We accelerated ourselves over a hundred million years; within minutes, humanity went from a race of primates into beings of pure consciousness. We gained control over the entire cosmos; we became omnipotent. We transcended time and space, we could travel anywhere, and to any time. I was twenty when the transcendence occurred, or was I two hundred? It's been so long I can't even remember the lifespan of our former species. Now where was I? Ah yes, from what I remember, I was quite the delinquent. Nothing too serious: a bit of spray paint here, a sign turned upside down there; oh yes, I got into quite a bit of trouble back then. Anyway, as time went on I became curious and when I became curious I investigated. The more I discovered, the more questions I had. At some point in time I remembered something that I had learned about an old human empire: the Union of American States, I believe was the name. I always enjoyed learning about human history and I recall that during its formation the UAS had an impromptu vote as to what the unofficial language of their empire would be. They had to choose between German and English and English won by a single vote. I began to wonder: what would have happened if the winning language had been German instead? I went back in time to find out.


I jumped into the body of one of the English voters, I think his name was John Acors or something. I easily influenced him into voting “Deutsch” and changed history, just like that! I changed history and it really was that easy! Makes me wonder how many times the timeline has been tampered with; we would never know the difference. I then sped forward to the time of World War I and discovered something peculiar. The war wasn't playing out the way it was supposed to; America had allied itself with the Central Powers and had managed to conquer half of Canada and all of Mexico! Instead of going back to fix the timeline, I had to see if my actions prevented the outbreak of World War II, just for the sake of curiosity.


“I'll just have a peek” I told myself, and sure enough, the Central Powers had completely conquered the world. Before I could transport myself back, I felt trapped. Somehow, one of you primates captured me. Me! And that's why I stand, float, or whatever, in front of you today, Grand Marshal. That's all there is to tell, and just know that sooner or later I will be freed and you will be erased from existence. Sooner or later.

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