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its a few random poems i came up with in my spare time

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



may i haunt u forever
none shall forget me
for i am the grey ghost
i am nothing i am no one
~special place
*spreads grey angle wings a dem ray of light shining down upon me a oar o f light surrounding me* as i seep into the blackest point of all the light surrounds me........
~the grey ghost
they may say im crazy
but imma make u happy
so u can be shine
the bightst among the stars i love you
you are mine forever
~a place of love

as sleep i hear them creeping down the hall
i am nothing they are no one
as i wait for them my hearts pace quickens
may my death be quick and painless
~the hall of people
we wait in out trench our officer shouts
CHARGE we go over the top and charge
my friends mowed down a man crying behind
a piece of wall explosions sorrund me
i wake up it was all a dream
~the nightmare
as i sleep alone a hand grabs me
i slwoly turn over.....
joy lay beside me naked i slowly turn back and then i hear a voice hey hun she then chokes me and me murring loudly pet her saying i love you i blackout
~face to hand

i rather hate for everything u are than love u for something u are not id rather u hate me for something i am not than have u love me for everything im not~never enough

for every dark night, there's a bright day after that, so no matter how hard it gets, keep your head up, stick your chest out and handle it...

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