My life as a Cloud Clan cat

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Based on Erin Hunter's warrior cat books

Submitted: April 02, 2010

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Submitted: April 02, 2010



 My life as a cat in Cloud Clan


“Look out!” But it was too late. “What was that?”  “Oh its you three kits”, “we got lost” said one of the kits. “Wait are you Littlekit, Mosskit and Berrykit?” “Yes we are” replied Berrykit. “Well I am Leafstar, Cloud Clan’s leader”. “Are you dead?” asks Littlekit. “Yes we are”. “Can you tell us a story?” asks Berrykit. “I know the perfect one, when I was a kit” I reply.


Finally their here he thought.

 As Rainnose bounded over to the nursery where his mate Mouseplet had their three kits. “Rainnose” whispered my mother into his ear as he bent down to lick her. “They are ours now”. “I think we should name this one a grey she cat with brown eyes Leafkit, this one a pure white coat Ivykit” And last the brown coat tom” let’s name it Molekit.” Rainnose said. “Yes” Mousepelt said. “Welcome to Cloud Clan, Leafkit, Ivykit and Molekit”


As us kits grew older we were always into mistif. One thing Rainnose will never forget is the time when he lost me. It was a nice spring day so Mousepelt took us kits out to get some fresh air. “Ah fresh air” Mousepelt said. All of the sudden an elder, One-eye called “HAWK RUN”. Everyone ran and the kits were pushed hurriedly back into the nursery. For every kittypet that does not know, a hawk can eat kits and even take elders away, so you want to get to safety fast. Mousepelt gasped “what is it” asked Rainnose in a worry meow. “Where is Leafkit?” Rainnose raced out side. “NO” he yowled. He saw the hawk swoop down and grab Leafkit and swoop of the ground. “Stop that hawk” Rainnose yowled but is too late. As the hawk flew away he saw me in its claws.


Chapter 2



As the hawk took me away I thought “Hawks eat kits” but I couldn’t finish that though. It was too scary. All of the sudden, the hawk went right into a storm. “Yes Littlekit a storm”. “Were you scared?” asks Mosskit in a small voice. “Of course” I reply, anyways the hawk dove for cover and in its haste it dropped me! As I fell down I was sure I was going to die, but then this cat caught me. Then I realized it was my best friend’s brother, Snaketail. As Snaketail caught me his mate came over, Hollyberry. “What does Hollybearry and Snaetail look like” asks Berrykit. “Well Snaketail has a yellow, gold color to it”. “Holeyberry, she has a blue, purple pelt, warm welcoming eyes”  “back to the story” “Who is that” she asks. “I am Leafkit of Cloud clan” I reply in a small voice. And then I told them my story. “That is so sad” said Hollyberry. “But we were just going to visit the Clans and would you like to come with us?”  “What do you think of course thanks Hollyberry” “no problem” she meows. “Lets go” Snaketail says and we start off. Snaketail then me and last Hollyberry. After two or three days, as we were sleeping I heard something moving. So I quickly woke up Snaketail and asked if he heard something, he did. We woke Hollyberry up and they formed a small circle around me. “I remember I said that I wanted to fight but they did not let me”.

“Weren’t you scared” asks Mosskit

“Yes I was” anyway it turned out to be two badgers and one of them was Midnight a peaceful bagger. “It was an honor to meet her”. The other one wanted to attack us because of its cubes near by. Snaketail promised that they would not harm the cubes. So the she bagger went back and Midnight stated behind. ‘You can come out Leafkit” Snaketail said

I come out and there is Midnight.

“You know both my friends right Nightstar and Snowpelt”.  “Yes I do” “How are they?”

“Well they were fine until I left.” I said.

“Why did you leave” Well I was taken by a hawk” and then I told her the rest of the story. “May I come?” she asks “of course” Hollyberry replies.

So all four of us start out. It takes us almost a full moon but finally we are back on the lake. “There is our territory” I point for Midnight. As we get closer to Flame Clan’s territory a patrol spots us. As they rush closer to us, Midnight tells them to stop. In the head of the patrol was, Blackfoot the deputy, Nightear, his apprentice Adrerpaw. We stopped and waited for them to catch up to us. Then Blackfoot growls “why aren’t you on your own territory”? “We are just passing through, Blackfoot” reply’s Snaketail. “We aren’t breaking any rules we are staying the right amount of fox lengths away” I reply sharply.  “Ohh look, this cloud clan kittypet knows something” Adderpaw in a sneering voice.” “Don’t call me a kittypet” I growled back. “Oh look I am so scared of this little kitty, what are you going to do meow at me”

That got to me. I yowled and jumped at him, with all my strength I could muster. I never realized I had that much strength. “What how could you” gasps Mosskit.

“I was a kit please let me finish”

Anyways I raked my claws down his side and yowled as he did the same to me down my back and we stared to fight. It took every cat to pull me away from him. “Told you never to insult my clan again” I snarled

He just glared. I had ripped out a lot of fur and he was bleeding a little bit.

We said good bye to Flame clan and headed to our territory. Finally we were back. I breathed in the fresh smell. As we were walking Snaketail told me, “That was very mousebrain thing to do”. I replied “I know he just got to me”. He then said something that surprised me. “That was mousebrain yes, but I think that you will become a true hard fierce warrior for Cloud clan.” Well you see, Snaketail rarely gave complements.

“Err thanks” I meouded. He then just smiled at me.

We were nearing the camp when I heard a familiar yowl. It was Mousepelt! I raced into camp and saw her. “Mother” I yowled. She turned around and looked at me then she came running tordes me. “Leafkit is back” She yowled. All around cats were coming out of their dens. Welcome back” Hi there” Everyone came to see me. Finally I saw Night-star. He was in the back. I trotted toward him. “Nightstar, please please let Snaketail and Hollyberry stay.” “They helped me on the journey. Nightstar replied “I think they should”

“Ya thank Nightstar”. I ran over to Snaketail and Hollyberry and told them the news. “Thank you Nightstar” they replied. Finally my journey had ended.


Chapter 3

I looked at the kits they were all fast asleep. “You did well” replied a cat. I spun around and faced Nightstar. “I never got to here the full story” “very good”

“Thank you Nightstar” I replied.

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