Please don't call me Perfect

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
It is a short, easy read. I personally found it therapeutic to write and I need to relax.

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011



Please don't call me perfect


Please don't call me perfect, im nothing of the suit


Please don't call me perfect, this argument is moot.


I never even knew, quite what to think of you.

Just please dont call me perfect, I am nothing like you.


You gave me faith and heard me call and now when

all the thunder falls, I'm sitting in a hurricane

and I would like to say, You are oh so perfect, to bless us with this day.


Don't sit in your gilded marble sitting room and think

of ways to make me see your Grace. Im learning on

my own at a slow and steady pace.


I have sinned and begged forgiveness, from my Father, who is you

And I know that in the end, my prayers will all come true.


Just please don't call me perfect for I still may be your son,

Ive not the courage yet to face the proud most Holy one.


And this to you I say, without a teary eye, Please dont call me perfect

for still I have to die.


Amen, Jmb

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