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My poem is in essence, a metaphor for the love of life and the life of love. You go out of this world, get to know people, get rejected, and you then find newer people. It's all a circle of emotions and it's up to you to find which events are relevent to your life.

Submitted: January 15, 2007

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Submitted: January 15, 2007



Find another half to make me
Lost a little something lately
But I need to find the strength so that my will can carry on.
Writing things to ease the hurting
Jabbing pains while people blurting
Words to you, but now the feeling that you felt is simply gone.
Love is war, some people say
Life is like an empty tray
Doesn't matter anyway.

Two by two we come up breathing
Slowly die while people leaving
Goodbye hugs and kisses right before you have to board the plane.
Maybe you'll be missed a little
Broken easy peanut brittle
Hearts are left behind so that they too can feel the stinging pain.
War is love, some people say
Age is like a loaded tray
Doesn't matter anyway.

Settle down, a little maybe
Ink on paper moving crazy
Found a find the love is mine a letter I will have to write.
But for now I will stay quiet
Feeling something; can't deny it
Forming combinations of the words that I will send tonight.
Finished writing, stamps to pay
Envelope on given tray
Matters much, I'd have to say.

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