The Thing Called So-Called Friendship

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So for my Geography teacher, the class had to write a story explaining the rock cycle. Here's mine! Enjoy!

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



My gripped loosened on Shane above me. “Maria! Don’t let go! Hold on to me!” He yelled, as water came out of his eyes. I loosened my grip, gradually, as I long knew before I wouldn’t make it…

Shall I start from the beginning?

Deep down in the mantel, I’m talking deep down in the mantel, is where I spent my first 50 million years of life. I was a hot young thing, think gloop as you may call it, but somehow people called me “cold as ice”. As young as a piece of magma, I knew something was different. Something was off about me. All my other friends were more…hyped out about growing up and being more mature (we magma, are hot molten rock, waiting for the day we cool into igneous rock, and then perhaps with heat and pressure, mature into the most greatest metamorphous, metamorphic rock). “Imagine me…as gneiss (metamorphic rock)! I would be the prettiest piece of gneiss around! All the quartzite would be casing for me!” One of my so-called friends boasted to my other so-called friends. “You would be the prettiest!” They complimented. This continued for another 10 million years, until the day I cooled first.”

My friends and I were flowing down a chamber of fire. We were rushing towards one of my so-called friend’s house. Her mom just had magma, and we rushed to congratulate her. I was lagging behind because I never really liked magma children. I wasn’t really paying attention at the time because I was looking at my bright red parts. For some reason, they grow brighter when I get pissed. And right now, I was glowing inferno red. By the time I looked back up, a strong current pushed me up the cavern, not straight, but actually up! To the ceiling! By then, my so-called friends realized what had happened, I was going to grow up, whether I liked that or not, and they were not happy about that… The last expression I saw was an expression of hate, envy and longing to be cooled. From that moment on I realized, I could live without this “so-called” friendship.

Up the cavern to a volcano I go, up and up and up and up. The further I went up, the more magmas were squished together with me. Some were frightened, some were happy, and some (like me), were expressionless. The minutes that seemed like hours passes by slowly. And then it happened. As if someone was pushing against all of us, we all went up the mouth, and shot out into the sky. I saw the blue clear skies, with birds flying. At that moment, I wished I was one of them. And then, I dropped down, at a speed faster than when I went up. My consciousness seemed to have disappeared.

When I woke up again, I discovered that I had matured into beautiful piece of obsidian. Black as night, and darker then below the mantel where I spent my first 50 million years of life, that was me. Sharp and cool. That’s how most of the other igneous rock described me. I didn’t need friends, and I didn’t want them. Unfortunately, Shane didn’t understand that. He would follow me as I gave him my cool and collective voice, shooing him away. I guess my life as an igneous rock was better than my life as magma, but I must say, this is the stage I met Shane. He was the one who brought me to friendship. The real kind of friendship. (end of flashback)

So I was strolling down Volcano Ally, and no surprisingly, Shane followed behind. “M-A-R-I-A! It’s dangerous here! You might turn back to magma,” he said in a concerning tone. I gave a cold stare and continued my stroll. As I approached the top of the volcano, his fears keep increasing, but mine just keep diminishing. I was now on the top of the volcano, looking down at the mouth. What I was not expecting was a dormant volcano to suddenly come back to life!

The shakes and rumbles made me crumble down, and slip and fall over the edge. As soon as the action started, Shane rushed towards me, and is now holding me tightly, as I hang off the edge. For some unknown reason, water started dripping don my cheeks. I knew that I was going back to magma, and I was afraid. Afraid that I might see the same friends that envied me before, those friends that might mock me now that I’m back to magma. I loosened my grip a bit. I knew the end was near, and I just had to suck it up and deal with it. Once again I loosened my grip. 

But Shane’s grip tightens even more! “I know you’re scared Maria! I know you’re scared! Although I might not know you that well, everyone has something they’re scared of,” his voice dropped to a whisper, “But you won’t be alone! You won’t be! Because this time…this time, I’ll be there with you!” As though as on cue, he let go of his grasp on the rocks, and held on to me. Before being drowned in the magma he whispered, “You’re not alone Maria, you’re not alone…”

To finish off this story, yes, Shane did keep his promise. He was the one with me to the very end. He was the one who melted my cold heart, and dulled my sharp words. He was the one to teach me what friendship truly means. And I hope that our friendship will always be this way, through rough times, and awesome times. Do you have someone to call a “friend”? 

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