Airplane above the Ship

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The story talks about two different lives. Started to developed as friends and later on fall from a deeper sense of love. The two main character with high and deep ambitions in life. A simple but realistic story that just might happen in a nap of time.
They met in school, as typical students, where they knew each other and became friends later on and as they go on through the flow of time they ended up, lovers.
The story have had a happy ending. It proves love is a bit of magic, thing that as we didn't notice is the mere goal that best will be achieved in one's life.

"Love doesn't sank nor fall without purpose!"


Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



I never expected this that I could go on straight to high school, my mom and dad are both working on our own business and are always busy. Well, how could a crazy, abnormal, bird-brained girl like me could pass the six years sufferings in Grade School? I now named myself “Lucky” but my dad called me the opposite which is “Bad Luck”. Sad to say I'm used to it. I’ll always remember and almost memorized his dialogue, “You’re an outrage! A Scandal! Couldn’t you just follow your elder brother Maven?” he yelled and then walked out.

Well for me my brother is the best and he is almost perfect in all aspects. At home or in school he is known as "man-of-his-words", when he said he’ll pass and will be the first in rank in school’s "Witty Students Chart" (where i wished to be listed on too) he’ll surely will. That is why when he finished his high school here in Bardarz International School, dad send Maven to London and study at the most prestigious school there. At that time, I felt like I lost someone who I can rely and lean on. Well, I sit down and sighed and never forget what my mom told me, “never start nor end your day with a frowning face!” and then I’m keeping my chin up, take a deep breath and walk on.

First day in school I walked with confidence at the corridor, and guess what? Whenever I heard the word Lucky I’ll yelled bravely “that’s me!” I know some will surely think that I’m totally insane. I entered my classroom like a goat chewing something. I sat at the last row, acting like I don’t exist. Suddenly, I heard from this annoying teacher’s mouth calling my name and told me to go in front to introduce myself, I stood up with shaking knees but never let anyone notice it, as what I did when I took out the gum in my mouth and secretly stick it under my table. I talk, I know I talked too much anything what comes in my mind and nothing else, as I’ve watched their faces, my classmates, they feel so irritated of what I’m doing and find the things I’ve talked were so boring, my teacher ask me what profession would I like to have if I finish my degree in college I replied seriously…

“I wanted to become a pilot someday ma’am!”

And so what would I expect? Nothing else but my old classmate’s laughs not applause as I ever wished ever since! In addition, a girly-slim voice I heard from the corner of the room which is really familiar to me echoed in...

“How could an absent minded girl named Lyla become a pilot and drive a plane?” and continued it with a devilish laugh.

I closed my eyes, never react to what she said while controlling my temper, the words what my mom told me pop's up in my mind and so I looked her straightly and quick replied


And then they laughed. Not minding them I walked straight to my chair, it is indeed a disaster. It was really a great first day for a student like me. Classes ends at 4:30 pm as the bell rang I took my bike at the school’s parking area and rode on.

I used to spend my spare time at the green fields far from the crowded place I hated, the city where every wicked buildings where located. And there, I continued daydreaming while waiting the airplane flies up in the sky. My bag pack are full of paper airplanes which I’ve made and my notebooks were almost full with airplane drawings which my dad hated the most in times of his "Notebook Checking", I don’t know why my dad checking-up my things every Sunday night, it's odd, but I didn’t think too much of it actually. I just missed my mom who went to London, just this fall, to be with Maven and arrange everything for a business there. No words of comfort or words of inspiration at all but me keep thinking positive things.

One fine Tuesday in our classroom as I’m looking outside the window a guy who looks so thin and somewhat having a lizard-like body came in 30 mins. late after the bell rang. He walked into our classroom door and sat beside me, my eyes where stuck on him but makes my forehead curled when he looked me back with a boastful face, I quickly turn back my face to where it is positioned before I looked at him.

Recess time and spending my money with such foods in canteen isn't in my mind I'd rather play my paper plane and try to make a faint train tune


as I moved up and down my paper toy. This is weird but I dont care of what they'll think I'm happy. I blew and give it a boost I smiled watching while it flies up the air. The guy who's suppose to be my seatmate stood up and quickly jumped to grab my flying paper plane and give it back to me. I asked "why?" with a mad and confusing face, and he replied

“plane can’t fly up so high without it’s pilot” and he smiled.

You know, those simple words makes me feel so happy, it became second of the most inspiring statement I’ve heard and received ever in my life.

“…but be sure that you’re driving an airplane not a train!” the guy continued with a giggle.

I don’t mind him but when he offers his hand and introduced himself I’m quite shocked I didn’t hold his hand nor do anything when he did it and so he comes close and whisper to my right ear “I’m Jared Louwhzer”.

I can’t stop but burst out laughing, I couldn’t believe he called himself a Loser, I’m just so happy knowing that there’s someone like me finally here. He looked at me oddly as I continued laughing abnormally.

“Mr. Louwhzer, come here and give me the papers I asked” our teacher called him strictly.

As he walked in front I looked at the girl who insulted me when I introduced myself before, her name is Miona Bweziet, she waved at Jared but unfortunately it didn’t look at her at all. Now thinking back of what my teacher said a while ago Ideep breath and asked myself.

“So he really is Loser? Mr. Loser? Where would that cricket-like surname came from?”

Well, it started there. Jared is a very talkative person opposite of me. I’m shy at first but then as time goes by, Jared knows me at all, he is good especially in Math subject which I really hated but there’s this subject he’s not that good at, and it’s English and I injected it in his mind that he is so Lucky having me not just a friend but his seatmate who’s best in English who could teach him all about it. I know my capacity, I’m not a brilliant student, just average unlike Miona who is very talented, beautiful and very smart, no wonder why guys are running after her, I just don’t understand why he liked Jared and Jared doesn’t feel the same way.

I toured Jared in my favorite place which is in the field and there we talked a lot of things, I asked him what he wanted to be.

“I’m really your opposite Lyl, I wanted to be a Ship Captain and sail my own big Ship” he answered.

Even though I’m no good in terms of giving advices, I always encourage him and I know he appreciates it. For a long time Jared and I became the best of friends, he is the only person who understands me for who I am, who never neglected me in any times, who didn’t ever under estimates me and the best thing is he makes me happy all the time, no dull moments with him. When I’m starting to get mad at something one whisper of the magic words (he's full name) “Jared Louwhzer” simple but very powerful it brings a big smile in me.

We are upcoming 3rd year in High School this June, so we enrolled ourselves together and believe it or not we are still seatmates. No matter what happened we make sure that our strong bonding wouldn’t be affected by the busy schedule of being in the life of Junior High now. JS prom is coming and I don’t have the spirit to join on the said event. Lying in the bed thinking of myself what would I look like wearing party dresses makes me want to freak out, “You didn’t even wear revealing dresses so how come could you wear a gown?” I talked to myself at the mirror.

Dad is always busy, when I wake up in the morning he’s off the house and then when he comes home I’m already asleep. Aunt Jessy, which I considered the best nanny in the world, is my only family in our home and this is what I felt. She took care of me but I know nothing could ever replace a real family’s presence. Even though my mom is there with Maven she assures everything’s ok for my prom, contacting me through email and phone calls but it didn’t encourage me to go.

“…yes” I replied to keep mommy calm and enough to stop her from worrying for a while.

I stabbed my pillow in my face as covering so that I can sleep but my phone ranged and then I thought it was mom but it is Jared my best friend who called me late at night to come in this JS prom he organized, because he's the President in the Arts Club and its their duty to organize such event. Maybe because I’m just so tired at that time and my mind just runs so fast which makes me accept his invitation. Aunt Jessy show me the gown I’ll wear, it’s a straight dark blue gown that could curve my body and a seven inches heeled sandals for my feet, I had no choice but to come, I remember the expense that my mom spent and the load of Jareds phone load he wasted just to call me.

Entering the gate of the convention made me feel so nervous but as what I’m always doing...walk straight with confidence is the best thing I must do.

“She looked so stunning!” said the teachers who saw me, and I'm surprised.

“Hello ma’am!” leaving this word as I pass them by.

Students are dancing at the hall and I was just sitting at the corner, sleepy, watching them. I looked for my best friend somewhere but he’s not around. I’ve had courage to dance with the other girls I’ve known just to enjoy myself when Miona shouted back that I have a red spot on my gown somewhere at the back in my butt area. I’m so ashamed knowing that my monthly period came in not on time I’m expecting to, its the means of being "Idiot". And no words said I ran outside covering my face with my two hands. I sat at the green little field not so far the convention and looked at the pond while I bravely wiped my tears falling down my cheeks, something caught my attention, a paper boat sailing in the pond, someone whispered in my ears and said that ridiculous but funny magic word which made me think it is my best friend Jared. He never talked nor do anything at all but he danced me under the moonlight he cuddled me and make me feel comfortable to cry in his arms. Later on he took out something from his pocket, a necklace with a boat pendant.

“This is for you Lyl! Take care of this necklace!” he said while putting it on my neck.

I’m always prepared I pick out a bracelet from my short pant’s pocket inside the gown I’m wearing.

“You really are full of surprises Lyla De Rino” and he smiled.

He doesn’t mind what I looked like at that night, everything was messed up, my make-up faded and my hair was like not been comb for years. I accidentally looked at his clear eyes for a long period of time, good that he let me do it, its round and color brown, I liked it I saw the peaceful and calming face of Jared that I’ve never seen before. Watching at him unnoticed while we are dancing I’ve felt the spark in my heart and I don’t know why. The music at the convention was so loud so we could even hear it outside. It is the best night of my life, I wish Maven’s here so I may be able to tell him everything that makes her little sister happy enough. I ask Jared why he didn’t get inside the convention,

“I’ll be not here with you tonight when Miona and her friends ask me to dance with them…and I don’t want them to be my first dance! I’d rather pick my best friend!” he said it with a smile.

This night ends so fast. Uncle John, our driver, took me out of the convention because of my father’s order. When you really are in happy hours, time will "tik" fast and made those moments end. I know I’ve been a rascal tomboy and things are impossible to be change but thinking of the spark that happened...

“Is this the thing they called Love?”

As if it was just yesterday since I first saw the school and of course Jared. Now, we are graduating students. My best friend is the school’s salutatorian and Miona Bweziet is the Valedictorian except me who got nothing at all, my dad knows that this will be the result and so he’ll expect nothing, he didn’t even come during my graduation he had a lot of work at the office, as he reasoned, that’s why he can’t come but I know it’s not the main thing. I’m still happy that mom and Maven came to see me wearing my Toga. I am inspired by Jared speech; it’s all about being in high school, friendship, life and love.

“…I always admire the airplane flying above, it reminds us of the word freedom and my best friend Lyla opened my mind about it…so don’t worry Lucky girl, when the airplane fail you [all who heard it were laughing] there’s no place for you to fall because I’ll be here under my ship…the one who’ll catch you…” heartwarming when someone makes you feel so special as what he did but my face did frown when I heard the continuation

“…I love you…you’ve been my inspiration my…BEST FRIEND!”

Seems like I am expecting of something but I smiled and encourage myself that it’s still fine. After the program Jared hugged me tightly and he whispered

“Lyla Winner!”

Heard like it’s still the same as the magic words he often have had whispered but this time the only difference is its factual now, oh, I’m imagining again.

“This is where our paths be separated Lyl, be strong!” and then he walked.

I don’t know why it just really makes us sad when we feel that the person showing something special on us will leave us. We need to think that the childish of one person must end and should be changed by becoming a matured one.

Sitting at the back seat of the car and flashed back the things which me and my best friend did I noticed something in my pocket that’s quite heavy I took it and I wonder where this medal came from but when I read what is sealed ...states “Best in English” together with a small paper I’ve had an idea that it’s from him.

“It is really for you Lyla! And you’re the best in me!” written by a red inked pen. And as what he said before things that is red colored expresses love. Why is it? he isn't beside me at the moment but i just felt the same spark as what I've felt when he danced me.  I started to miss him. I put it in an empty box which Maven gave me the day before he went to London together with mom, he told me that this box needs to be filled with something special like achievements, awards and anything that would make me proud of.

Dad and I now again left in the house. While we are eating together our lunch, for the third time as i recall, I told him I wanted to be enrolled at an Aeronautic School in the US, daddy stood up angry and then again utter his favorite dialogue

“You’re an outrage! A Scandal! Couldn’t you just follow your elder brother Maven?”

He wanted me to study here where I am under his control and not anywhere else. I asked him what he wanted me to take this coming enrollment he told me to follow the business course like what Maven took in London so that I’ll have a brighter future but I know I will forever become Maven’s secretary and there’s no life on it.

Every night I cried, sadness covered my mind now. Entering this unknown school every day made me feel so boring, if only Jared’s here and whisper again the magic word.

“Come what may!” I said.

I told my self that if I finish my degree I’ll go continue my goal and become a Pilot.

After four years. I finished my college and now working at our business and of course hailed as the President Maven De Rino’s Secretary.

For two years working with him, my brother knows I’m not happy, on my birthday he gave me the best gift I’ve ever had in my life, It’s a simple envelope that contains something that'll change my future as he said, when I opened it I said it with a normal voice,

"God bless me with a brother like Maven!"

It’s a ticket flight to US and an enrollment form in an Aeronautic School there. I was just so happy, I can’t even sleep at night, just so very excited. I opened the box where I put the first and only medal given by Jared.

“Lyla Winner…don’t worry Medal I’ll fill you with a lot of like you so you’ll not going to be alone here anymore” I whispered.

I worked and study so hard to reach the success and finally destiny doesn’t fail me. Now, I drove my own plane, I am in the high position and received a rank and a well respected person. And the box is never empty now there where a lot of boxes in my room filled with the achievements I’ve received. My brother was just so proud to where I am now. I proved to my father the things he thought I can’t do. Mommy told me that dad is a frustrated Pilot but dad is now glad that her only daughter did soar high. I dated daddy and he felt so sorry about the past, I don’t regret it, in fact it helps me to become strong and responsible person which I didn’t understand before. My parents are both happy enough looking at their daughter’s success. My eldest brother Maven now got married and blessed with two healthy children.

I’m now 25 years of age, and still dream nothing but to fly up at the top of the world. We had a high school reunion and celebrated it at the same convention where we spent our JS prom before, I’ve meet my batch mates and they’re all grown up. Some have their own family, some don’t still have, some enjoying their success and some are experiencing failure, I was just surprised looking at a lady who stands at the corner who looks so pity she looked so old having her almost gray hair I looked at her and she covers her face with her hands, I go approach her and asked of her name, i deep breath knowing that she’s the school valedictorian before and non other but the girl who’s my number one insulter, Miona Bweziet. I didn’t ask her even just a brief history of why she became like that instead I give her advices and encourage her that its not yet too late for her.

“I’m sorry of what had happened before Lyl!” she cried.

“Apology accepted Miona, you’re a smart girl!” I replied with a smile.

Everyone is asking now for me to have my speech and so I take a step through the stairs to go up on the stage. I talk, I know I talked too much as if childish exist again. This time, they don’t only laugh but they even give me applause not as an insult but as a respect. I am a certified Pilot and I now discovered that a small thing around us does a big difference in our huge lives.

My best friend, Jared, as usual came in late. I didn’t go and introduce myself to him, just waiting if he still remember me. My best friend is a big man now as I look at him, unlike before he looks so thin, he looks respectable too and a very handsome guy that every girl would wish to have. He is wearing his Uniform with a badge in his left chest area marked “Captain”. I’m glad for what he achieved, for what he is now. Sipping champagne at where I sat down after my speech. I heard a whisper in my ear the magic word I’ve longed never heard so it was my best friend we gave each other a friendly hug and talked a lot about our current lives.

“I’m in a shipping line business now and sail my own Ship” he smiled.

“I do the opposite; I worked as a part time professor at the Aeronautic School where I graduated continue encouraging young minds and now I’m a professional pilot ” I said with a boyish-like voice.

We noticed that we both wore our gifts and just so happy reminiscing the past together, we go out for a while and walk to the little green field where we had our first dance and still at that time I felt the same spark as what I’ve felt before we sat down and continued our conversation.

“So are you married now Lyla?” he asked.

“Nope, still searching for my angel somewhere at the sky” I replied.

“What if he’s not there above?” he smiled.

We both laughed and I asked Jared the same question.

“I’m getting married soon!” he told me and even invited me to his engagement party.

I replied a smile after his reply and the spark I felt quickly disappeared.

The night of the reunion ended up so nice and another life and work to face again for tomorrow. Being a sky captain is not easy but if you love your work the word “tired” isn’t found in your self vocabulary.

My hair grows so long and I planned to have a nice short haircut. I put those hair in the box and throw it in the trash can.

“That hair witnessed everything that happened in your life” aunt Jessy said while she looked at it lying at the box.

“Yes aunt Jessy, and I know that hair knows everything including my feelings, it should be cut!” I cried as I said.

Two days later at 4:50 pm, I took a bath and wore my uniform as a pilot and drive my small private plane going to Jared’s Ship engagement party at that day. The ship is big and my plane could even land there. It was sunset and the ship is full of blue painted roses which is my favorite color. I saw the box and It looks really familiar, and seems that I’ve thrown it already.

I don’t know what was happening at that moment no people at all. The wide area is vacant. And so I took the box and I proceed to my plane and planned to go home when suddenly a voice echoed somewhere.

“Why did you cut your hair?” a very cold voice just said.

I think that who ever said it he uses microphone to make it loud and produce the echo. Not looking anywhere I go straight to where my plane had landed.

“Open the box!”

“I know it’s my hair inside!” I replied back with an angry voice.

“No! Open it!”

And then I opened it lazily and yes it’s my hair I feel really disappointed, feels like I’ve wasted my time I thought there where something, that there would be a party from someone who invited me. I got mad, I throw the hair in the sea and then suddenly I saw the ring, taped at the center area of the box. I closed the box and then put it back to where I saw it and feel so ashamed of my self; I think I’ve ruined the party this thing isn’t for me it should be for Jared’s girlfriend surprise. And then I go walk fast straight to my plane.

“Hey!” someone shouted at my back.

I didn’t look at anywhere because I know I’m in shame feelings, nothing to do but walk on straight.


I looked back even though I’m nervous. And I saw him.

“Sorry Jared I didn’t mean to open the box, I thought it was mine but I saw the ring inside don’t worry it’s still there!” I shouted back.

“It’s for you!” he replied with a faint voice together with a hand gesture showing with effort.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you love me? I mean more than friendship?” Jared asked.

“…because if you do love me, we’ll get married now!” as he continued.

I walked unto him and punch his cheek as strong as I could.

“Do you think this is funny? Do you think this joke would work?” I asked while my tears are falling.

“This is no joke Lyla! I’ve waited many years I’ve waited for you!” he cried.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

“I wanted to be responsible and successful so that you’re dad will accept me for you! I worked hard as what you did…do you think I abandoned you? That I’ll leave you as easy as that after our graduation? I know all the things that happened in your life..Aunt Jessy became my eyes and ears…to you…” he explained.

And then I walk back through my plane.

“Hey! Do you love me?” he asked calmly.

I take a deep breath and walk slowly.

“If you love me we’ll get married but if you take another step now think that you’ll be half the world away from me…I’ll cut all the connection I know from you…” he yelled.

I stopped and slowly turn back and look at his face.

“I’ve waited for you this long! I’ve never been in any relationship, never accepted rich and handsome suitors because I know there’s only one who’ll catch my heart when it fell under!” I said.

He ran through me and gives me a hug.

He whispered again the magic word

“Jared Louwhzer”

And I smiled again.

“Hey! You’re winner now!” I laughed.

He kneels to the ground and pulled out the ring and he said

“Marry me Lyla De Rino! I’ve caught your heart and I’ll never let you fly away from me again!” and he kissed my hand.

“I’ll marry you Jared Louwhzer!” I replied.

 “I love you Lucky Girl!” Jared said while wiping my tears.

-the end-



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