The Golden Glue

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It's always been my dream to write a children story...well, this is my first one and I'm very happy I'm able to publish this here in booksie...

"Do you believe in magic?" Niza asked.

I hope you guys will like the story's all for you ! :) God bless ! :)

Submitted: March 14, 2012

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Submitted: March 14, 2012



The Golden Glue

by thepageturner


Beleen loves to draw, mostly wonderful dresses that she wished to have. Her mother, Cibi, couldn’t afford to buy her one for they are poor.

Beautiful and stunning gowns where created throughout Beleen’s wide imagination. One in color red satin with sequence illustrating diamond alike designs all-over. And she wished to have it.

“One day you’ll become a famous gown designer!” mother smiled.

It was raining outside so Beleen couldn’t play with her friends. She frowned. She climbed in the roof together with her pink umbrella. Beleen found a bottle with gold colored liquid filling it. Because of her curiosity she opened it confusingly. “It was sticky!” she touched the tip of it after she opened. She smelled it. The wind blew her umbrella which hits her mother while collecting the clothes she washed and hung.

“Beleen get down there! It’s raining hard!” mother yelled.

She quickly closed the bottle with its cap and jumped off the muddy ground.

“Are you alright?” mother hurried.

“Yes mother, Look what I’ve found out!” she showed the bottle but the color turned neutral.

“Oh, silly! What was that? You want water? We have it in the jar…” her mother explained.


“No more buts…let’s get in and we’ll dry you with a towel…” her mother explained.

In the evening, Beleen couldn’t sleep; she was destructed with the light brought by the bottle. She couldn’t wake her mother beside her for it was peacefully sleeping and she knew Cibi wouldn’t believe her. Beleen lit the lamp. She rubbed her eyes, yawns and stretched her body and rushed to her table where she is drawing her gowns. She deep breathes. Beleen grabs her pen and start creating a lady with a simple dress.

“…this is you, Beleen!” she whispered.

Her favorite gown, the red satin with sequence illustrating diamonds all-over touched her naked foot, flew by the wind. The running rat hit the scissor in the ceiling which dropped in her head.

“…awh, bad rat!” she says while she bellows.

Something rushed to her idea. She cut the gown and smiled and her drawing fits to her self-portrayed image. Beleen secretly laugh for amazement.

“I look good!” she raised her two thumbs up in the air but her breathe throw her cut-outs down the floor. She took the golden bottle in the edge of her table where it’s been put by her. She shook it well. Her brow arched and she folds her hands after finding out that there’s nothing happened.

“What are you?” she talked to the object.

Writings in slanting fonts came out slowly in the bottle, “I am The Golden Glue” it says. Beleen opened it and pastes her drawn gown to the lady which she named it herself. Sleepy head was trying to knock her off. She stood and makes her way to their bed. Beleen felt a sudden tight in her belly, she throw her hands up in the air uncontrollably. She was twists, tumbled and then finally the make-over stopped. Beleen was dizzy after it. She bites her lower lip and scratched her forehead. She was shocked when she saw herself in the mirror wearing the gown she’d drawn in the paper earlier. She looked so good.

From that moment and on she draws as many dresses as she could. And as years go by, she became a famous gown designer. They became rich. Beleen bought a mansion for them, a car and all things she wished to have before. She had a boutique with her own design gowns worn by the mannequins displayed.

“Beleen, buy a sewing machine now…” her mother said.

“I’ve never done so much effort for all of these, mother. And the golden bottle is still half-full! So I don’t have to worry about it!” Beleen boasts and brag which made the people who’d heard every word she says made a discouraged impression.

Many years had come and her mother suffered from an illness which the doctor couldn’t save her anymore.

“I’ll pay you as many gold and diamonds just save my mother, Doctor!” she cried.

An hour later after she bought the foods for them she entered the room and found her mother’s cold body. She burst to tears. She mourned for so many months after her mother’s death. No people came to see her or show her sympathy. She was all alone. Her world turns to gray. She never smiled nor laughs. She became so serious.

Once there was a kid who immediately ran to see her while she draws in her table. The kid asks, “Do you believe in magic and happiness Miss Beleen?” the little girl looked at her, puppy-eyed.

“No.” she replied.

The girl runs outside crying, hoping that her favorite gown designer, Beleen, could share something. 

Femur Lings was one of the highest paid actresses. She was known for her fashion styles and she was an icon. She came to Beleen’s boutique and browsed a most wonderful gown design in Beleen’s sketch book. She picked the white, long gown with pearl accents. Since Beleen’s boutique is known as the fastest gown maker, Femur wished to have the gown after just 3 hours. Beleen nods for agreement consistently.

Her office became so messy.

“What happened ma’am?” asked the customer who was shocked after seeing her in a chaotic state.

Beleen doesn’t make a sound neither replied to what has been asked to her. She hurried outside and closed her boutique immediately. She was looking for her glue, which she treated a treasure. Many came across her mind. What’ll happen to the gown to be made for Femur? It’ll surely give her shame. She left herself jerking. She felt a sudden slap of wind as she started crying in the floor. Beleen’s eyes widened when she notice the mannequins where undressed, the previous gowns where turned into drawings unto the dropped papers. She hasn’t got a sewing machine. Now what could she do?  Nothing but to cry.

Beleen headed to the market to find a sewing machine. She has 2 hours left. She bought a white satin, needles and threads and all for sewing. Then, she poured her time sewing the gown. Beleen did everything just to finish it. She doesn’t mind her fingers bleeding. She looks like a rotten vegetable. She felt her body retiring until she finished sewing the gown. She left herself laying down the floor and let her tears fell down.

“Now this is shame! This is tragic! I am merely nothing but a trash now!”

It was hardly raining outside. At last, she dried her eyes after 5 minutes before Femur arrived. She never expected Femur’s reaction.

“Oh,” Femur shrugged her shoulder and she seriously checked every detail of the finished gown worn by the mannequin. Beleen kept blinking her knees where obviously shaking. Femur looked towards Beleen, playing her fingers in her red cherry lips.

“This is perfect!” Femur shouted proudly.

“W-what?” Beleen clarified with a quivering voice.

The gown was stained with blood. Femur thought it as a more emphasizing style on the plane pearl accented gown. It took her attention, she hugged Beleen frantically.

“You look so pale, hun?” said Femur as she enclosed her palms to Beleen’s cheek.

Beleen couldn’t believe it, she hasn’t notice the blood stains all-over the gown but thinks its all mess. She worked by her hands, to draw but never tried sewing except to the final one. She almost collapsed but she tried to control herself in front of Femur.

The little girl, the one that once asked Beleen if she does believe in magic came in running inside and grabs Femur’s wrist.

“Mommy!” she yelled.

“Mommy?” asked Beleen to herself.

“Is…is she your daughter ma—am?” her eyes widened as she looked at the kid smiling mischievously.

“Yes.” Femur nods. “Where is your pink umbrella Niza and what is that particular thing you brought?”

“Mommy...look what I’ve found out!” she showed the bottle but Niza holds her breath when she notice the color turned neutral. This time the bottle was half full. It brought back the sunshine to Beleen’s heart.

“Oh, silly! What was that? You want water? We have it in the water dispenser…” her mommy explained. At that moment, she flashed back the time she first saw the bottle and how she opened the magic and told her mother.

The little girl frowned and crossed her arms. Beleen kneeled to ease the gap between them. She hugged the little girl and whispered … “Yes, I do believe in magic.”

“Is this yours?” asked the kid confusingly.

“It’s yours now. The direction on how to use it is written in your heart, hunny!”

“Thank you.” and the little girl blew her a flying kiss as she and her mommy Femur exists in Beleen’s Boutique. Beleen waved her hand back as Niza, the little girl, glanced at her; Beleen purses her lips and realized that magic is always passing. Now, it is time to face Beleen’s new life and discover inexplicable things splashing every bit of time.  

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