Being Human

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This is a poem i wrote about being an Ant.

Submitted: June 07, 2008

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Submitted: June 07, 2008



Being a man flying high
i feel free and wild
on my way home to do
my respectful duties
destroyed after i go through
but what else am i suppose to do?

All the other girls arnt interested
they worry about work all the time
taking care of their mothers and kids
expanding our city walls and town halls
i need to get out of here
where more girls arnt bare
and i wouldnt have a care

Some of my brotherin and me
have decided to become free
break away from this colony
and start a new place to be

We'll move west when its warm
either spring or summer
where food is a big as mountains
and fills the streets
we'll have space for many a structure
where everyone meets

We need to make sure
we are out of the sun
we dont want to burn dead
like so many before us did
we need to escape
these giants with heat
torturing and killing us
everytime we meet

toxins poured into our homes
slaughtered as we run
captured in huge glass domes
and experimented on
they rip our limbs off
and watch us bleed to death

we need to find a place
where giants dont exist
a place that's grace
and perfect twist
where i can see some of my cousins
and hang with my brothers
by the dozens

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