Happy Camping

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Readers should be warned this is an R rated story that shows a very disturbed person, a tragic situation, and should be treated as such. If you like this story please leave a comment and consider becoming a fan; it really helps.

He was going to escape everything now.

Driving to the forest

All the pressures - gone - No more trying to provide, no more cheating wife, no more endless job. And finally he could admit that he had grown so tired of hearing the word, “Daddy” coming from that kid’s obnoxious, fucking mouth.

Arriving at the forest

Its good for her too - she never loved me or him. 

Before going in

Rope, Check. Kid. Check. I'm sure the boy will find his way out.


At the campsite

Setting up the tents. Laughing, playing, and telling one last bedtime story.


Swinging a rope on top a sturdy branch of a nearby tree. Using a chair to reach, he tied the rope to the branch and created a noose. Then, he kicked the chair from under him.


A sudden strong breeze blew through the woods and provided just enough pressure to cause the branch to snap and the body to slam to the ground where the skull was now cracked open.


Waking Up

The child woke up to large snap. He was scared, but still found himself getting up to investigate - just as his daddy had taught him. Courages as ever he strutted outside where he was met with no answer. Then, hearing miscellaneous leaf crackling usually accompanied by footsteps, he felt less scared for he had feeling that it was his dad playing a game with him. He smiled, now excited, he called for his daddy three times. Only silence replied. Slightly a bit nervous, he realized he needed to pee.

The boy stood amidst the shadows of the crackling, dying, fire and was surrounded by a warm, hazy, air. He felt nervous, and took only small steps toward his goal. Once there, he let out a small sigh of relief, but quickly looked behind him. Nothing there. Another sigh of relief left the boy’s lips as he gently lifted his shorts down enough to pee.

Only seconds after finally comforting himself enough to go, a loud snap echoed from the woods behind him. Quickly, he lifted his hands up concealing himself and tried hard to build up the courage to look around him. Suddenly, an urge of courage bursted within him and he turned around quickly. He carefully examined the forest for what seemed like hours. Nothing there. Still needing to relieve himself and still not wanting to risk anyone seeing him, he, again turned his back. But another surge of fear struck him and he again quickly turned around him. This time a figure was in the horizon of the forest before him. It was white. Taller than him, and looked as though it was staring directly at him. Then, a sudden realization, It was a goat standing upon two legs watching him through what seemed to be binoculars. Upon this sight, his body locked, the world went silent, he began to breathe heavily and unconscious whimpers of fear left his lips. The figure just stood there for what seemed like hours before lowering his binoculars and walking toward the boy while emitting a screechy human-like laugh. The boy began to ran away from the campsite as soon as it started coming toward him. But, suddenly his foot made contact with a rough substance that cracked with the pressure of his foot and submerged it into a soft, spongy substance. Once he finally got it off, he could still feel the liquid as he ran aimlessly through the dark forrest. Finally, his run came to an end when he reached a small forest opening and collapsed in front of a lake.

Only minutes passed until he realized his dad was still back at the camp. Getting off his knees and standing upright. As scared as he was, he knew he needed to be courageous - just as his dad has taught him.

He walked cautiously through the forest however he, again, smashed into the hard, spongy, substance he had earlier. He hoped it wasn't a dead animal, but was too scared to revisit this thought. Upon seeing the fire he stood for awhile and examined the scene. Nothing was there, so he slowly advanced making sure to watch for any changes in the scenery. At the entrance of his dad’s tent he again carefully surveyed his surroundings while he undid the zipper. As the tent entrance was revealed he quickly ran inside and zipped it to conceal himself from the outside world. A sigh of relief left his lips as he looked into the rest of the tent and was struck suddenly as his eyes met the goat-man’s binoculars. Then the thing laughed its horrid screech and grabbed for the boy who tried to get away while trying to open the tent entrance. The boy, however, was soon caught and the thing slammed its binoculars into the boy’s head, sending him unconscious.

The boy awoke and immediately could feel that he was completely naked. When he went cover himself he no longer could for his arms, torso, and legs had been tied down. He couldn't tell where he for there was only darkness. Soon, whimpers of fear left the boy’s mouth. For minutes on end, he whimpered until the goatman’s white face became visible walking toward him and wearing a devious smile.


Submitted: November 14, 2014

© Copyright 2021 theperson324. All rights reserved.

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Andrew David

Damn. This was a creepy story, yet funny in some way too. Very good writing, friend!

Sun, November 16th, 2014 2:32am

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