Psychotic: Part One

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This is not a true story this is completely fiction. Readers should be warned this is an R rated story that shows a very disturbed person, and should be treated as such. If you like this story please leave a comment and consider becoming a fan; it really helps.

Submitted: June 11, 2014

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Submitted: June 11, 2014



She sat there so happy to be with me in my candle lit apartment. Her grin was wide and every whisper she spoke told me she loved me. “Perfect,” I thought, “she trusts me.” It was yet another hour, if I recall correctly, when she asked to use my bathroom "of course," I replied, “of course.” She left and my happiness consumed me as I rose to my feet to my kitchen and grabbed my knife. Now I grinned as smile as wide as hers as I yearned for her arrival to my living room.

As soon as I heard the bathroom door lock turn, my soul burned inside me as I stood excitedly behind a wall she was about to pass. Oh how can I write such a feeling? I felt as though a child the night before Christmas waiting for Santa. Now my present came into view and I pushed her to the floor. I wouldn't kill her immediately I want to hear her plea for her life. And she did. And oh! I dont think I ever laughed harder in my life. In fact, I laughed so hard I almost fell to my knees. But thankfully I didn't and I know stood over her. Her yells of plea echoed in the room, “Please don't I’ll do anything” and “Please no, I have two kids.” I giggle to write this, it’s so fantastic. But soon I felt it was time to open my present so I stuck my knife in her stomach and tore it open. She cried, yelled, and kicked so much but she was no match for me. The next thing I know her innards are showing, quickly before she dies I tare out her intestines at show it to her, then engulfed in such fantastic feelings I sliced my knife into her eye socket, plucking it out to give her a better view. Unfortunately she died, sad, I thought, “I’ll have to do this differently when I find her kids.” But my fun didn't stop there I pulled the rest of her intestines out throwing it around my neck like a necklace, “I’m the prettiest girl in the whole world” said I to my reflection of my living room tv. Now standing I looked at this sight, one eye out of socket with blood pouring out and hole where she used to digest food. I was satisfied. She had once been a person with two young kids and a dream of being a doctor. Now she was dead.


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