the sand.

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Submitted: February 04, 2008

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Submitted: February 04, 2008



i'm helpless, and i'm falling, and you're slipping away. the waves breathe in and out,

as do i with my steady hand and shaky breath. my weaknesses i exposed to you long ago.

and is it just me, or is something like a hidden force keeping itself unseen? like a tidal wave

waiting to wash out this flame that so excruciatingly burns between our eyes-

contact i can't bear to make. it might be waiting to wash our quickly pumping hearts right out to sea.

this unseen force that i think is JEALOUSY is slowly tearing me apart.

do you even see the way it kills me ? like slow torture- tighten the noose.

i'd rather an arrow shot through my heart than a pain that's caused by you.

well not really caused by you. or the things you do. caused by them.

and baby you're just fine. don't let my provocative unpleasancy hurt you. i guess you're loving me still,

you know that never will i be strong enough to further deny it dear. i'll always love you against my will.

you revive me when i see you.

the sand dunes are blown to orange and purple ashes cascaded by the sunset.

as the foam on the seashore apologizes to the heavy waves who crash among powerless shame,

would you forgive me all my imperfections? i know they are plentiful, and pitiful, and cringing.

but would you forgive them all the same?

and while you're on this trek, this embark on forgiveness, please, forgive what i'm about to say.

i know it won't make any sense. but, for some reason, when i converse with you, my entire body starts getting tense.

believe me when i say that this is sheerly a rhyme by nature; i swear that i'm not enforcing it by my own evasive behavior.

is it simply nieve, for me to somehow believe, that with you my complex world can be so clearly percieved?

i know you've seen the way the rocks kiss the waves as they slow down near the opening.

and your kiss is all so similar- but if you will accept this; may i tell you that your kiss is more like an entrance ?

like when i tried to gain my self control as i held your hand. now you're sliding through my fingertips,

and you're laying in a pile on the ground. like sand. and i'm shuddering under the sun. now do you see ?

we are just like the sand.

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