The History of Concorde: The Airliner of the Future

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: History

concorde, capable of flying of twice the speed of sound for hours on end, one hundred passengers in it's sleek fuselage, introduced in 1971, this engineering marvel flew the skies past the speed of sound for 27 years. retiring in 2003 after a fulfilling career after a mysterious crash that ended 119 lives, the life of concorde is an astonishing one, from development to retirement, it was one of the greatest airliners in history.

Table of Contents


Concorde, the world’s first successful supersonic transport aircraft, able to haul to one-hundred passengers, it could fly acros... Read Chapter

Development and Other SST

The 1960s was an exciting time, and while many know it for the Cold War and the Space Race, it was also the Supersonic Race after Preside... Read Chapter

Finally Flying

Concorde’s first flight would take place on March 2nd, 1969, the year man walked on the moon, test pilot stepped aboard the prototype t... Read Chapter

Flying Supersonic Commercially

Concorde was not a cheap aircraft, it was expensive to operate, to service, to fuel, and build, costing around $46,000,000 per Concorde. ... Read Chapter

June 25, 2000: Air France Flight 4590

June 25, 2000, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris France, the busiest airport in Europe, the only place to see a Concorde take off or land ... Read Chapter

The BEA's Investigation

Concorde had a remarkable safety record, especially for an aircraft of it’s class, not one fatal crash in it’s history, until now. Co... Read Chapter

Flying Once Again

After its first crash, Concorde was fitted with the kevlar and strengthened tires, and before its relaunch, new leather seating for more ... Read Chapter

After Retirement

Concorde was officially retired on November 26, 2003, with no further need for Concorde, they were shipped around the world for a ne... Read Chapter

Glossary and Works Cited

Glossary-   Afterburner- a device placed within, or attached to the exit of, a jet-engine exhaust pipe to ... Read Chapter