We dont see people 

we look at them

we look at their faces and we see a lie

We look at peoples faces and we see a mask

we see a wall 

we see a barricade

we see a dam

To stop the flow of emotions showing through 

To stop the army of words that seep in

through every crack 

to stop the bombardment to keep our sanity

we all put on a mask everyday day before walking through the door

Because when you open yourself up when you show what you feel

when you open the door anything can crawl through

Anything can punch holes in the walls

The hallways are neighbourhoods of locked doors

the classes are filled with masked people 

who when asked how their feeling they dont even know

Because they boarded the windows and locked the door

so tight that in their Darkness they forgot which way was up

They were assaulted nonstop by words that seeped through every crack 

They were harrassed by the memories of what seemed to be life 

People seem to have an evergrowing ego

fuelled by pieces of somebodys broken soul

we all know whats right and wrong 

Yet we seem to have difficulty with lifting a finger

Sometimes a "bully free" school

is code for concealed harrassment

And every single student knows the kid

who sells drugs

Yet nobody has thought to ask us

Yet nobody has done anything

Everyday before life we put on a mask 

and Everyday at home we take it off and put it down

Because when nobody is looking to judge 

Being yourself

is better



Submitted: April 27, 2014

© Copyright 2022 thepoet. All rights reserved.

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