Overcoming Life's Hurdles (Completed)

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This is my life~ what i have been thou! ><

Submitted: September 25, 2012

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Submitted: September 25, 2012




 Tayla Margaret Williams was born at royal women in Melbourne on the third of October her Mothers name is Leanne Frances Williams father unknown. When Tayla was born she had a tetralogy of fallot (A heart condition) She was then taken to Royal children’s to have a operation on her heart is was not as bad as her big brother Harley Peter Williams they both suffer from the same heart condition but Harleys is a lot worse he has to be revived then he was a baby, he has also lived a lot at the Royal children. Tayla stayed at the royal children’s a lot with cords In her body. It was strange most of the time when a heart condition baby is born they need help breathing but Tayla did not she was able to breathe on her own some doctors where a little shocked. From that day Tayla life only just beginning… this is her story


Tayla had to go to The Royal Children’s 2-3 times a year (and still dose) they told her heart was fine and all is good but one day she will need to have another operation If things do go wrong, but after that she should be fine.  As years went by Tayla grow up with it and did not even cared about her heart people did ask about it when they went out. Her Family called the scar down her chest “Tayla’s zipper” Tayla’s life was moving along but then in year her 3ed year in Primary school she woke up limping her Mother was worried about her so took her to the local Doctor’s all they had to day was that Tayla was “Faking it to get out of school or she slept on it wrong and if she was still limping come back” Witch Tayla was very upset over why would she portend to limp just to get out of school even to this day she dislikes that doctor. 1-2 weeks after Tayla was still limping they took her back and gave her a X-Ray and that showed nothing a couple days later they took her back agine they did a second X-Ray and still showed nothing witch only made her mother think she was faking, they told Tayla and her mum to come back In 6 mouths but Tayla kept limping then she had a heart appointment her mum told them about it and they took X-Rays and turned out Tayla had a hip problem called “Preethi’s” with is the ball in Tayla’s hip had start to fall out of the socket if they had waited them 6 months Tayla’s hip could of collapsed.


Tayla had to go around wearing Broomstick plaster and was put in a wheel chair with made everything she was doing harder bathing, school (Got bullied), Seeing friends, sleeping. She also need to have a operation on her hip to put a metal disk in for about 6-12 months it then got taken it out she needed to learn how to walk again, it took her a while she was put in her broomstick plaster again and in a wheel chair then they took the plater off in about 3 months and she had crunches Tayla missed out on a lot of school and got put in a special class and had to talk to people and the principal got her to talk to the whole school about it but Tayla just wonted a normal life she still did not see the big deal but everyone was helpful. She got better then after a while she told her in a joking way she would never to come back if only that was true because when she was in year 7 in the middle of the year, one morning she work up with her right foot was swollen up the knee her mother thought is was not big deal, she went to school after that her foot still swollen her mother once again took her to the doctor the same one they said “It was a spider bite” still it was the same she then had to be taken to the Royal Children’s again they make her stay over night for a while witch she was very happy to do seeing as she was use to it. Then they told her mother that Tayla would need to have a needle in between her toes to see if she had something called Linfedema, they then got dye shot up her legs they said she was the best patient they had, seeing how there was a man there to hold her down if they needed it but Tayla was Strong, trued out Tayla did have  Linfedema witch would be with her, her whole life, she was made to wear a stocking made in Germany she would have to wear this EVERY day and hand wash it.

Once again Tayla was seeing more doctor she missed a lot of school again but when she got back, she went back to the way she was a lot of people asked about, It she did feel unconfident about her body making her a bit depressed.

In year 8 close to the end of the year things went bad Tayla started Cutting herself she did not really know just felt she needed it there was stress at school and at home, there was a girl who shell not be named who knew about it her other friends did, one day at Art Tayla had a slap bracelet and she was scratching her arm to the girl it looked like Tayla was cutting her self the girl made a big fuse out of it and run out of the room saying “Don’t joke about that when you do it” Tayla was in shock that people would know she was scared and was shaking, some girls ran after her the girl told them one girl came up to Tayla and asked if she cut herself Tayla told her it was none of her business, She was made to go talk to a teacher and they found out and Tayla was told to tell her mother when Tayla got home she told her mother and her mother was upset with her Tayla felt depressed and lonely but her friends where there for her, The girl and Tayla stoped being friends and then one day in class the girl sent Tayla a death note saying “Leave me the F**k alone and don’t come near me or ill kill you” Tayla run out of the room crying after everything her had gone thou why did this girl want to hurt Tayla like this? Why? The girl did not get in big trouble but after that Tayla was different and still is people have called her emo the sad thing was the teachers where around when all this had happened but no one helped more sad was the students when on the girls side yelling at Tayla saying and calling her names…

Tayla is now in year 9 everything is okay besides she getting made to move away with her mother and her brother because of people around the corner saying stuff Tayla’s aunt was stabbed by one of there brothers. She has her friends Tayla is happy I know because im Tayla I have my friends Tammi, Arion, Vikki, Skye, Imu, Eli and so many others who where here for me and have loved and helped me I wish that they can be with me forever! there have been so many tears im my life times I DID want to die but even so I can smile im happy and that’s all that matters.

Love From Tayla M Williams

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