Remember the yelling

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Also made at school and something that happend to me when i was little!

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013




I remember the yelling, the loud yell of angry in my mums voice her voice half creaked like she has been crying for days, Then…my aunts voice over the top of my mums the anger coming from her voice to how mean and scary her voice sounded even from a distance. I had never heard my mum or aunt yell like that… even when I had done something bad or someone else had. I looked from where my older cousin and I were, we both stopped…hearing others yells as are eyes looked around for were it was coming from we stopped and we saw my aunt swing are arms at my mum and my mums friends trying to calm them down, one grabbing my mums arms and trying to pull her back the others doing the same to my aunt. I went to walk over but my cousin stopped me grabbing my arm and shaking his head so I stayed and watched my eyes wide never seeing something like this before, maybe on TV but in real life…never. My aunt screamed more getting free from my mums friends arms and digging her red painted nails into my mums arms making me turn my head away and close my eyes tightly feeling the tears start to blind up.



My mum once again screamed but this time in pain, she kicked her legs more trying to get at my aunt I closed my eyes more tightly shaking my head. How could this happen it was meant a happy day at the beach with friends and family not this…not fighting, I hear my mothers friend yell and I open my eyes seeing my aunt get into her car and scream off, I look around and stop when I see Logan crying, my aunts three year old child. I walk back over my mum as she yells after my aunt, Logan started calling for his mum, I walk over to him picking him up and calming him down patting his head, telling him its going to be alright even if I knew It was not. After my cousin comes over helping me calm down his brother we get into the car and we go after my aunt, everyone was talking in the car about what just happened and how it was my aunts fault. I sink in my seat, I always had a strange connection to my aunt she knew me better then my own mum and hated hearing people talk about her this way.


I had Logan in my lap still sobbing rubbing his eyes and whimpering a little I talk to him trying to calm him down again but he keeps crying I look around the car seeing my cousin having his headphones in and spaces out, I look down sighing a little but the car just suddenly stopped making me fly for would holding onto logon more him screaming and crying again. My mum jumped out of the car looking out the window I see the fish and chip shop I loved so much hoping maybe this was over I get out smiling holding logins hand we walk out and Logan calls out “Mummy!” I look seeing my mum punching my aunt once again. I half scream my heart beating so hard I feel it in my ears I quickly tell Logan to go to the car, once I know he is safe I run over trying to pull them off each other tears start to stream down my cheeks I push on my mum but as I do I get a hit in the face by my mum and she yells at me to stay out of the fight, My aunt looks at me and I see her anger in her eyes, her face bleeding from my mums hits. I close my eyes again wiping them. When I open my eyes again I see them fighting once more I shake my head yelling for them to stop my mums friends come out from the car yelling for them to stop to, I see a man in the distance with his phone his eyes wide looking at my mother and aunt.


After a long time the police come and pull them apart and they take my aunt and my mother away in the police car Logon runs to me holding my hand tightly I look down at him and smile a little happy that its over at once even if it ended this way it was better then one of them dyeing. Picking up Logan, my mums friend they take Logan and me back to my house and I sit him in my room sighing, he asks what happened to his mummy and I just tell him she did a bad thing so she has to be taken away for a while. After a couple days I get to see my aunt again happy to see her more then my mum.



The end.


By Tayla Williams 

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