Feeling is Believing

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A piece about feeling.

Submitted: November 30, 2012

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Submitted: November 30, 2012




i live to put a smile on your face.
i live to help you.
my passion, is your happiness.

because we all need someone
you and i, he and she, they, 
we all need that one person to help us through.just as you and i do, so does the earth.
everyone needs a little help.
everyone and everything can feel.and feeling is the only way we know.
feeling is what makes us real.
it’s what separates us from nothingness.
feeling is reality.you can escape reality briefly, but you’ll never escape feeling.
feeling makes us human.
it’s what makes us express ourselves.a feeling made me write this.
a feeling made you read it.
a feeling was created from you reading it.feeling is inevitable.
feeling, is believing.
feeling, is everything.

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