The Two Sides Of Myself

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I wrote this one when I heard a group of people talking. Doesn't it just annoy you when people come across as being TOO perfect? This was the starting point for this poem. It's about what I believe we are really like. I'm speaking from my own personal feelings. My own personal battle to accept myself for who I am.

Submitted: April 02, 2007

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Submitted: April 02, 2007



Im' a Lover - I'm Loved

I'm Hated - I Hate

Self Loving - Self Loathing

Narcissitic - Not vain

I'm a Killer - I'll be Killed

I'm your Joy - I'm your Pain

I'm the answer to your question

I'm your enigmatic claim

I'm the softness of Silence

I'm the pain in your screams

I'm the Angel that guides you

I'm the Beast of your dreams

I want to be like you

I'm glad to be me

Because I bet you never

Lived trying to be me

Accepting - Trying to Change

A fighting pacifist

I'm your moment of clarity

I'll get you lost in the mist

I'm your friend - I'm your foe

I'm your neighbour - A stranger

I'll pelt you with rocks

I'll guide you through Danger

I lived my life living

Just trying to be me

Got Lost along the way

But finally found Me 

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