Upon My Demise

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Upon my demise, don't make me out to be perfect. Admit I had my faults, accept my failures and embrace them. They made me who I am

Submitted: April 20, 2007

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Submitted: April 20, 2007



Don't make me a martyr

With the words you're going to say

Don't you dare try to make a Saint of me

There'll be no St. Pseudo's Day

Don't ever try to minimize

The mistakes that I made

Don't say I was the perfect one

I wasn't made that way

Don't make me out a Hero

I did nothing special you see

I was honest with you

Throughout my life

In death, be honest to me

The errors that I made in life

Were the clay I was sculpted from

So be honest about the fool,

The most unlikely tool

And say that I F***ed up

But don't ever try to martyr me

Or say I was a saint

'Cos to look at my past

( Although there's been laughs )

Certainly a Saint I aint

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