Who, Why, What....

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Just some words strung together about how different we all are, and how little understanding we have of each other. Low tolerance of 'The Different Ones'

Submitted: April 16, 2007

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Submitted: April 16, 2007



Who are you to judge me

You don't really know me

Who are you to condemn me

With narcissitic vanity

Why do you betray me

Is it something that I've done

Why do you insist on

Ridiculing everyone

Why are you so tortured

Is there something in your past

What's with all your hatred

Was pleasure never built to last

Why do you persecute me

Is it because you cannot see

True Freedom is in happiness

And my happiness is being me

Why don't you believe it

When I'm telling you the truth

Why do you try to be 'Gangsta'

We've long outgrown our youth

Why must you insist on

Laughing at my pain

Why the crimson tears when

Someone does the same

What gives you the right to

Think you're better than me

You don't see the world like I do

You can't, you're you, I'm me 

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