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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is my first story so if there is any typo or bad english im sorry, happy reading

The Gifted The Power Are Special The Abilities Are Amazing A UNIX DNA § Every Human Have A UNIX DNA But Only Between 0.002% - 0.006% There Are Some People That Have Between 0.825% - 0.999% UNIX DNA, They Called As Sage But There Are Some People That Have UNIX DNA Between 1.000% - 4.675% They Called As Bleeders There Are Also Some People That Have Beetween 5.000% - 8.734% They Called As Resinate But There Is One Man That Has About 10.985% The Highest Amount Of UNIX DNA That Ever Exist His Real Name Is Unknown, He Called Himself "ThePsyhcoCat SON OF NO ONE", We called it The G10


UNIX Or ISU (What Mayan Tribe Call It) UNIX Is Believed To Be The First Civilatiation. Legend Said UNIX Was The One Who Create The Universe Everyone Who Has A Lot UNIX DNA Have Somekind Of Golden Tatoo On His Left Arm There Only 3 Unix In These World, Every SAGE Is Given A Memory Of The 3 UNIX, And This Is What We Brief The First, Who Create Human And Change Their Look or Skill The Second, Who Give Superhuman Abilities The Third, -(We Still Do Not Know)-

Superhuman Abilities

As You Know The Second Give Superhuman Power Every Class Has Different Power Sage = Have a Piece Of The 3 UNIX Memory And Have A High Intelegence Bleeders = Could Morph Into Evrything That He Touch Resinate = Can Control Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Or Crystal/Glass G10 = Have All Sage, Bleeders, And Resinate Power And Have All 3 UNIX Memory And We Can Detect All Of Them (Except G10) By Our P.O.I.P.B.Y. Radar

History Of ThePsyhcoCat SONO

ThePsyhcoCat Son Of No One Is Our Main Target

FIRST KNOWN ThePsyhcoCat First known by a cctv at Avata HQ 7th street,South America. When the owner of Avata Mr.Ay saw the recording of the last night cctv he confused to see a strange man with a hood running so fast to roof of the building he claim that the man running ten times faster than an F1 Racecar, On the roof that guy somekind of talking to somebody but we can't see it. Then we take the recording to our HQ and do some research, We able to find out that he has a UNIX DNA cause he got a golden tatoo on his arm, But we confused how can he not detected by our radar we think that maybe his a new class.

THE ATTACK We start a manhunt on every cities in America and whoever find it will be given 100 Million US Dollars, But sadly no one find him then we start a project called " The New Class Hunt" in here we try to find every single information about this guy, We search on the internet, social media, US goverment database but the only thing we found that he got a sister called Mary Robin T. so we kidnapped Mary and tell the world that we got his sister, About 2 week he suddenly gave up in front of the FIB Building. Then we bring him to our HQ so we can interogate him, We ask what The Third would do to humanity then he answer that if he told us what The Third could do the world will end, We are not happy for the answer so we ask him again "who are you then" he answer "Im ThePsyhcoCat a Sono or what you guys called G10". Then we ask him " Are you the only G10/SONO" he answer " Every 50 years before a new UNIX born there will be a SONO, SONO job is to prepare the next UNIX birth, The First SONO is Altaiir Ibn-Al Ahaad and The Second SONO is Jeniffer Lawrence and The Third is me". When we about to run some test he suddenly said " You all are the same, Only looking for answer, And that why all of you are so dumb, Letting someone to enter your secret HQ without cheking if his a real human", Then his skin changce to solid rock and getting bigger and suddenly he transform into a mindless golem destroying everything, But the real ThePsyhcoCat is actually in the security room hacking trough our system to erase every information about him. The golem getting bigger and bigger until it's bigger than our interogation room and blew up, then the real ThePsyhcoCat ran away and he left us some note. ================================================================================================ You guys just got fooled by the infamous ThePsyhcoCat, by the way all the stories that my Akrid (the golem) tells is true and that hostage that you got is not my sister, being a SONO require you to kill your family so my sister are dead ^_^ if you wanna know more about akrid download this ??????????????????????????????????100%????????????????????????????????????? ================================================================================================= The attack killed more than 100 man but he doesn't killed the FIB Commisioner for some reason


Akrid is somekind of a monster that created by ThePsyhcoCat There are some class for the Akrid Cat-A = Zombie and Mutant animal Cat-C = Golem, SuperZombie, and Super Mutated Animal Cat-E = Explosive Golem, Blooders, and Acid Myth Cat-G = RoadWalker, Hydra, and Immortal Flesh

Cat-A Only mindless zombie and some mutated animal - Easy Cat-C A Golem made by one of the element | Weaponized and skilled zombie | Bigger and deadlier mutant - Medium Cat-E A Golem that could explode | Close to Bleeders but could only Morph to iron | A Sci-Fi Monster - Hard Cat-G A mutant that as big as a Building | One of the Acid Myth but the Strongest | A Blooders that consume people to Regenerate health - Overkill

Easy = Normal soldier with weapon Medium = Skilled soldier with heavy weapon Hard = 2 Armored veichle, 5 Super Soldier ( Our experiment to increase a soldier running, jumping, power ) Overkill = 10 Armored veichle, 20 Super Soldier


We create a Super Soldier to stop a hard level akrid but it's required 5 month for only 1 soldier, Now we have 6 We also have create a cure to the zombie virus so if someone got infected we can cure it but we only have limited supplies. We move every innocent people to a safe place. We are thinking for a plan to stop ThePsyhcoCat and ask why to prepare a UNIX birth require a destruction everywhere and do this happen on every SONO. We got a lot of question that's need answer.

The Animal_Kingdom

Animal_Kingdom is a group made by ThePsyhcoCat, A gruop of UNIX follower, We cannot attack Animal_Kingdom base because every once in a month they create a new base somewhere else. But we know that Animal_Kingdom is building a castle somewhere in Egypt, The castle has somekind of shield surounding so the castle is invisible from outside. What we know is that Animal_Kingdom has almost 15.000 member, We cant imagine what will happen if there 15.000 ThePsyhcoCat on this world.

Animal_Kingdom has a Hacker named Tomphson J. Harper, again he has no idenity just like ThePsyhcoCat, What we know is that Harper was a member of Anonymous on France but he died shooted by a policeman. He once Hacked our Database and steal every information about them. We try to trace the signal but what we only found that his on Egypt, On November 13 2014 he hacked our satelite and use it to gain access to our millitary warehouse, In the night the Animal_Kingdom attack the warehouse and steal all weapon and armored vehicle then destroy the warehouse into pieces.

The Second Attack

There is no any activity from Animal_Kingdom for 2 month, We think they gave up but we were wrong, On March 2 2015 They attack our secret base at pacific oceans called as NEOS, NEOS is a space port for sending food and water to the Space station called VORTEKS, Animal_Kingdom kill everyone on NEOS and take over it, Then they launch a rocket to VORTEKS and invade the space station, VORTEKS is a laser shooter and the weapon is as big as half the moon, VORTEKS created to destroy a country for just in case. Animal_Kingdom succeed to invade VORTEKS but they still haven't use it, We have no clue what will they do.

The Third Attack

On July 18 2015 ThePsyhcoCat come to our HQ alone but he still more powerful than us he destroy almost all of our Tank then come to the main hall and hack our PoipBy and set a cordinate then our backup soldier has arrived but it takes less than a miniute to kill all of them, there is only one survivor the FIB Commisioner who all this time was a Animal_Kingdom member. he escaped with ThePsyhcoCat they attack our LAB the one to create the Super Soldier and the cure. we lost all Super Soldier and the cure so now we have nothing. we saw the cordinates that ThePsyhcoCat give it was -65 103 84, we try to trace it and what we found is the Liberty Statue cordinates. Then we quickly go there and just right in time to saw the ThePsyhcoCat, he hacked all of electronic on New York and play a video about him treaten us. the video was "Hello im ThePsyhcoCat, most of you arledy know me and i just wanna says that on may 26 2016 the Third Unix Will Born and i need to kill all human in this planet except the Animal_Kingdom, if you guys want to be a member of Animal_Kingdom you need to kill at least one super soldier, So i give you a chosen Join the Animal_Kingdom or DIE!!!" this messessage give us a lot of clues.


After the video we invite all president of world including US, UK, Africa, Indonesian, Arabian and Europe. We had a discussion about ThePsyhcoCat then we explain what we have about ThePsyhcoCat, then UK start complaining that ThePsyhcoCat should be terminated so they give us their Nuclear rocket and their best soldier, the same happened to US and Africa. But Indonesian and Arabian doesn't agree, they said killing a killer will never solve the problem so they said we should make peace with ThePsyhcoCat make her change, let him join the good side. The Africa president said that impossible to change a dark stone heart into a shiny golden heart, but it interesting to try so we send a messessage to VORTEKS about making peace with Animal_Kingdom, after about 3 hours we got a video from ThePsyhcoCat, the video was " I saw your messessage so i reply it, the answer is no i will never make peace with you but i will tell you my greatest weakness, my weakness is Ice fresh from the north, my resinate power is fire so i need heat to survive and that why i created my castle on Egypt, And i will answer every question you guys ask me " after watching this messessage we quickly go to the north and grab a ton of ice and by a ton i mean a thousand of ice.

History Of Altaiir Ibn Al-Ahaad


Submitted: February 27, 2016

© Copyright 2021 ThePsixoCat. All rights reserved.

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