A rant from the Pure One

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I, the Pure One, rant about the music industry... More specifically, I rant about covers.

Contains excessive cursing.

Submitted: May 28, 2009

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Submitted: May 28, 2009



You know what I fucking hate? When people with no talent whatsoever try to sing the song 'Take On Me'. When will these people realize that they will NEVER PULL IT OFF?! EVER!!! Nobody but A-ha will ever be able to sing that song. Just give up, you fucking bastards.

Also, the videos to these covers all suck. The original 'Take On Me' was an epic video. It featured comics and men with pipe-wrenches. These are key elements to a good video. Stop ruining my love of this song by singing it yourselves.

I don't mind covers if they're reasonable, but this is hardly ever pulled off. In fact, most covers make no fucking sense. As an example, I would like to use the popular song 'You Spin Me Right Round'. Since the making of this song by Dead Or Alive in 1985, there have been numerous covers. This song used to be a retro-eighties-pop song. The covers for this song include a rap song, a techno remix, a metal version, and even one sung by a person of the opposite sex of the original singer. Trans-sex covers never work!

Some other covers that don't make any sense to me include the cover of 'American Pie' by Madonna, 'American Pie: The Club Remix' by Global Deejays, 'If I Could Be Like That (An American Pie Edit)' by Three doors down... Pretty much any take of 'American Pie' other than Don McLean, the original singer.

Also, as I mentioned previously, there are several pop and rock songs that have been converted to rap, such as 'You Spin Me Right Round' and 'American Pie'. What the fuck? I'm not particularly a fan of rap in the first place, but I can tell you that these covers aren't exactly high-quality additions to the hip-hop style. There was apparently an Eminem song which used the lyrics to 'Dream On' by Aerosmith in the chorus.... I... I can't even talk about it in detail... It's just so...

... You know what? I'm ending this rant now. I just can't handle even discussing how these people ruined good songs because they thought they could do it better (*CoughcoughSmooth-Criminal-Alien-Ant-Farmcoughcough*) or that it would be better in a different style... I'm... I'm just going to go now.

Your friend, The Pure One.

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