Destiny, I Want to Control You (A Song by Me)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic
A song written by me for part of my in-progress rock-opera, "There Is No Part 2, Part 1," entitled "Destiny, I Want to Control You."

The plot of the opera is about a young man who falls into an unrequited love with a girl named Destiny. In his attempt to win Destiny's affections, he joins as lead singer of a small cover band named The Unknown Entity and starts writing new material for them. As he comes to grips with his emotion and starts to let it out into his music and songwriting, the band becomes a sensation in the underground scene. Eventually, the band is offered a recording contract from a major representative, and our hero is forced to make a decision between his band and the fame associated and a possible life with Destiny.

The following song takes place earlier in the opera, in which the main character decides that he's getting nowhere with hesitation and starts the Unknown Entity. The song is directed towards Destiny, who he wants to listen to his lyrics and fall for him.

Submitted: June 04, 2011

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Submitted: June 04, 2011




I am the silence

I am the quiet one

The loaded gun

The unknown entity


I’d write

An opera for you, Dear

A lasting symphony

To win your sympathy

Embrace my Destiny


There is nothing left to fear

Though I’ve feared all the time

I see the light

There’s something for you to hear

It’s time to pay for your crimes

Give up the fight



And I will scream

But that’s just what you want, now isn’t it?

And endless war inside my head

Between my love for you

And common sense

Now I must scream

But I start to like the sound of it

It’s starting to sound like music to me

And you will fall for

The entity

At last


You never heard

So now I have to force you

My cries for you

Have been renewed

And now I know you’ll see



Listen to the silence

For I am the flawless

All the dishonest

Listen to me


There is something for me here

And I must take it myself

Won’t need your help

Take my confidence like a trophy

Sitting on my shelf

Just wish me well




Hear me out

© Copyright 2020 ThepureLight7. All rights reserved.

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