The Bus Has Two Windows

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Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



The bus has two windows, side by side
Each with its own single wiper blade
And they’re slightly off time, following a pattern, I counted the seconds
Five seconds of wiping in unison
Ten seconds of discord
Five seconds of mirroring each other in unison
Ten more seconds of symmetry committing ritual suicide

There was a man on the bus today
A black man, telling his life story to the bus driver
I know more intimate information about that man than I do about many friends
I don’t know his name

He was very proud about how long it had been since his last asthma attack
He had a family member who was shot in the chest with a sawed-off shotgun
(As opposed to having the sawed-off shotgun take him on a romantic dinner)
Said family member apparently had a very large funeral with plenty of strangers
Because he played football for the YMCA
Back when the YMCA actually mattered
Five seconds unison

His father lived to be over 100
His mother died at age 76
He refused to let the hospital put her in a rehabilitation center
Because he had a pact as the only child that he would always take care of her
She died in her chair with him at her side
Ten seconds discord 

He tried mouth-to-mouth and then called the hospital
(Because mouth-to-mouth is the only cure for death, 9/10 dentists agree)
The ambulance arrived and the hospital tried to revive her
He was angry
Because it gave him false hope that anything could change
The last thing he said was cut off by an advertisement for an exterminator
(Ladybug Services, LLC, get buggy)
Five seconds unison

I wonder if he has a child
Or a girlfriend
He was an only child and I kind of want more of that guy to exist
He would make a good father
He already mastered the fatherly art of telling stories about really important things
But still things you don’t give a shit about
Because you got an hour and a half of sleep last night
And you just want to get to Dollar General and buy an Arizona
Ten seconds discord

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