The history of The Pure One

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The entire history of the life of Bradley *Last name with-held by law according to article 37-B of Ohio's witness protection service*

Submitted: June 10, 2009

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Submitted: June 10, 2009



The Pure One, also known as LIGHTPIE7 or ThepureLight7 was born in *City with-held by article 23-D of Ohio's witness protection service* Ohio under the name Bradley *Name with-held by article 37-B of Ohio's witness protection service* on June 2nd, 1995.

He was born to an average family, and was the oldest of four children- Two brothers and one sister. He went to a small Catholic school named *School with-held by article 14-A of Ohio's witness protection service*, only to be expelled during the 2nd grade.

Dejected, he spent two weeks on an online learning service while his mother looked for another school.

Bradley was born with a mental condition known as Asperger's syndrome. His mother quickly found a school in the area that specialized in the teaching of Asperger's and ADHD students. After persuading Bradley to try this new school, his mother quickly went to work at applying him.

The school was known as *School with-held by article 14-A of Ohio's witness protection program* and was located in *City with-held by artice 23-A of Ohio's witness protection service*.

Bradley quickly became highly popular among the 30 students that attended the school. After several years he eventually was classified as a gifted student and was moved upstairs during Language Arts time to attend class with the 5th and 6th grade students.

At age 11, Bradley realized his exceptional charismatic and academic prowess and decided that his skills would be excessively useful for one purpose: To become an internet celebrity.

He started out small with an anime website known as Dubhappy. He joined the forums there, and quickly became one of the sites most recognized names.

However, this prowess was short lived, because only a few months after joining, the Dubhappy forums crashed. Bradley was unable to use the forums for months, and spent his time using another small website known as Isketch. Isketch was a version of online pictionary, and Bradley easily became popular among the tandem circuit.

After several months of using Isketch, the Dubhappy forums came back up. They were renewed and better than ever. Bradley became one of the more famed members of Dubhappy.

Bradley continued using these sites for a while until the Dubhappy server failed yet again about a year later. This came as a severe blow to Bradley, until he received an E-mail telling him about a new branch in Dubhappy history- The Invisionfree forums.

Invisionfree was a free forum hosting site, and the members of Dubhappy had used this to create a new forum, unconnected to the original Dubhappy site.

While on the Invisionfree forums, Bradley realized that he would easily be able to become famous across the world wide web. He started joining more renowned sites such as Myspace and Youtube, all the while keeping his loyalty to the Dubhappy circuit.

Bradley was able to keep his popularity at school as well as online. He also managed to rise even further into the academic ranks, and became the head of the school's upper-classmen. He was excelling in math, social studies, science, and language arts.

After a while on the Invisionfree forums, one of the forums fellow members started a new site, known as Change of Heart. The Change of Heart forums were an addition to the Dubhappy forums, and attracted almost everyone who was on the previous forums.

Change of Heart was a forum almost exclusively for role playing. It was during his stay at the Change of Heart forums (Still active today) that Bradley started his writing career on Booksie. He completed his first novel at the age of 13.

Even today, Bradley is still an esteemed member of Change of Heart, Invisionfree, Booksie, Youtube, Myspace, and many other websites.

He and his friends from Dubhappy are currently working together to start a parody series of the show Death Note, inspired by the Yu-gi-oh parody series started by internet celebrity LittleKuriboh of Youtube.

He has recently graduated from 8th grade and will be starting high school next year. With his high intelligence, he was easily accepted into an advanced school known as the *School with-held by article 14-A of Ohio's witness protection service* along with fellow classmate *Name with-held by article 22-B of Ohio's witness protection service*.

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