Drunk Words

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Did he really mean that? or was he just drunk.. why should they only be friendly when theyre drunk? is that how they truly feel? but how does that make sense? Where is the TRUTH?

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



Why is it said

that the words of the drunk man are truth

when he cannot recall them being said?

for when he is drunk he acts without

mind or heart but simply instinct

slurring words that come to thought

perhaps its what they're thinking

but is it what they truly feel?

how can they be in touch

with their innermost feelings

when they cannot even control themselves

i hate those false words of flatterey

brought up by the drunken mind

all i ask is to hear the truth

to know its truth

to know i can believe the words i hear


so how can they say

a drunken man's words are truth?

if he changes to an extreme when

drunk or not.

does it bring out the innermost thoughts

or does it leave him with nothing

but the physical.

what i say does not make sense.

not all drunk are animals.

but how can i know what's true or not

when everything you say has no proof

no foundation within

i cannot balance the tightrope.

your feelings slide from side to side

causing me to topple over if i get on.

so i choose to remain below


so how can i say

that the drunk boy's words were truth?

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