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This is about a boy who i thought could possibly like me for me but in the end when i wouldnt give him what he wanted he walked away. and so now i simply feel stupid. completely stoopid* and yes stupid is spelled wrong on purpose..

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



I feel stoopid. completely stoopid.

I trusted you,

I believed you,

and let myself be blinded and naive,

Pushing to the back of my mind what was most likely truth.

You don't deserve me

And never did.

I was an easy game

And yet you lost.

At times it seemed so real

And perhaps it was

But what once was, will never be again/

Cuz i wouldn’t give you

What you wanted

But you shouldn’t have drifted away.

I believed you.

I pitied you.

But now I see the truth of you,

That truth I tried to hide

And now there’s not much else to say

For its come to its end.

I do not regret that it happened.

I do not wish myself a redo button.

I simply feel stoopid,

And wish to let you know how I’ve figured you out.

To let my anger out on you.

To make you sad for what you’ve lost.

For I am wroth so much more than what you ever deserved.

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