My Life Is You

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WARNING: This is a story backwards, its my first time doing this style. Please enojoy!

Sara never knew what it was to love someone...until Chase came into her life.

Submitted: May 27, 2011

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Submitted: May 27, 2011



9. Today I am not watching the sunrise alone. Because I know in spirit he is here with me. I miss you now that you're gone. To love someone is truly beautiful. I will always carry you in my heart. I know I am strong. I smile.

8. I'm walking into the hospital to see you again. Noises blare as I enter your hallway. "There's no reading...We've lost him doctor..." I run down into your room. Lifeless, it couldn't be! I begin to scream in agony. My lover, my best friend! "I'm sorry you can't be in here right now!" The nurse pulls me away as I scream your name and fight. This couldn't be, you promised!!!

7.I'm holding his hand, as he holds on to mine. “Don’t ever leave me alone.” I whisper to him. He struggles with a weak smile. “I promise. But always in here I will be if you need me.” He point to my chest, my heart. It belonged to him from the start. With his eyes closed he continued, "I love you", before falling asleep. I brush my lips against his, you don't know how much I love you too, I thought. “I’m sorry, visiting hours are over.” The nurse taps me on the shoulder with a soft smile. I nod and kiss him on the forehead before leaving.

6. "I knew you would be here." I said as I sat down beside him. He was silent. "I don't care about what you have. I care about the fact you haven't even told me about it." I looked at him seriously. He looks at me. "I just didn't want anyone to think I was a freak. I wanted to feel normal for once, and not be judged." I could see the truth behind his eyes, he did it because he didn't want to scare me away. I knew something like this wouldn't and couldn't hurt me physically. And I wasn't the type to judge on anything. "I love you for who you are, I don't care about anything else." I said, grabbing his hand. He kissed me, it was a kiss like no other. A kiss of passion and yearning. And when the kiss ended he said, "So you love me huh?" He raised a cocky eyebrow and grin. I shoved him playfully and said shut up.

5. Walking home, the wind felt breezy. I know I shouldn’t listen to Daniel, he was the biggest liar I knew. But I noticed this whole week, Chase hadn’t come to school. He never returned any of texts or emails…what really was going on? “Sara?” I looked up and saw Chase standing in front of my house. “Chase, what are you doing here?” “I came to tell you something…”“Chase what’s wrong? You look sick, do you need to go to the hospital or something??” I asked. “No, I’m fine…Look we need to talk…” He said slowly. “I’ve been hearing things lately Chase, like how you were at your previous school? You’ve been missing school lately too…”“Yeah, it’s nothing. But…” “Chase, if you’re cheating on me then just tell me already. You’re ditching school to hang out with delinquents and you’re here to break up with me because you’re tired of me right?!” “What the hell are you talking about?!” “I heard it all. You sleep with numerous of woman and use them like there some piece of trash!” “You don’t even know me!” He shouted angrily. “Don’t I?!” I shouted back. “Yeah you don’t! I miss school because I’ve been seeing the doctor! I have cancer, but I guess you people here don’t always think clearly. Everything always ends up mixed in lies or rumors. You know what I’m done with this.” Chase ran off. I called after him and followed him. But for some reason, for a sickly person he was faster than I was.

4. “Sara come on, its time to stop this whole charade you’ve been putting on with the new guy.” “Chase isn’t new anymore.” I kept walking down the sidewalk. Daniel, my ex was following me like a little stalker. His parents had a job transfer two cities away from mine. So he had to move and we broke it up because he wanted to be free. I guess word got out that Chase and I were together. I rolled my eyes. “Since I’ve been gone, all I’ve heard are bad things about the kid.” “Danny, please just leave. Its not a charade, I really like him. So just mind your business.” I walked on, but Daniel grabbed my hand. “He has a disease!” Daniel shouted. “What on you talking about?! Let me go!” I shouted back, pulling my arm away. “I heard he used to be a ladies man, and that he slept with all these woman. He caught something, why do you think he sometimes misses school? I was informed of all of this.” My eyes went wide…did I just hear what I thought I heard???

3. It’s been three months now we’ve been together. And I know deep down, I felt something beyond anything I have ever felt for someone before. I wanted him like nothing else in the world. For once in my life, I felt exactly where I needed to be.

2. I awoke in the early morning to a text message. “Come down, I want to show you something,” the text read. I got dressed and went down to meet him. Chase held my hand the whole way, leading me as he blind folded me. “Now look.” He took of the fold. My eyes grew bigger, I never woke up so early in my life for something so extravagant. The sun rising ahead, it was so peaceful from where I stood. “It’s so beautiful…” I said out loud. “Just like you.” I looked at Chase now. “That’s so cheesy.” I laughed. “I know, but I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone before. And I don’t care how I act with you.” His eyes became serious. I kisses his lips, only inches from mine.

1. “Hey, can I sit here?” I asked this random guy who was sitting alone. This house party was really bumping tonight. It wasn’t always my scene, but I decided to come out for a change. “Sure.” The guy smiled. For a couple of minutes it was silent between us. I had to say he really caught my eye with the looks. “So are you from around here?” His question hit me at random. I gave him a sarcastic look. “Right, of course you are…” He chuckled as if he was embarrassed. I laughed at how cute he was. He smiled, his eyes looking brilliant. “Sara Jones,” I introduced myself. “Chase Foreman.” He held my hand.

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