Dreaming of the forgotten past

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
another dream of mine. all truth. if you choose not to believe it, then don't. i don't care, i know the truth and thats all that matters to me.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012




The white void. i've found myself here once more. since this isn't my first time, i tried to look around without squinting. trying to adjust to the bright light, a man approached me. The Doctor. This time i prepared my self, brought my fists up, ready for a fight. 

"There is no need for fighting." He spoke. Confused, i kept my fists at the ready. he could be attempting to deceive me. from what i know of him, he's a wild card. He gestured to lower my fists. 

"Where am i?" i asked. 

"My home." he replied simply enough. 

"You're home?"

"Yes. Everything you have forgotten about your self comes here. You can't see it, because it has been forgotten. But this room is filled with memories, people, events. Even your emotions, however, the only emotion here is anger." he began to explain. he smirked, it must of been the look on my face. i was baffled to say the least. 

"Anger? Not sadness or happiness?" i asked.

"No. Just anger. every emotion you have felt, you have also remembered. But anger, that's something you always forget. And that's where i come into play. I am your anger." He described as he poked my chest. I just stood there, not knowing what to say to him. 

"Well.. Why am i here?" i asked, fearing the answer.

"I am your constant reminder. The imprisonment of your anger, the harbinger of your memories, the iconoclast of forgotten pasts." He spoke with confidence. 

"What are you saying?" i asked as i tried to decipher his purpose. 

"Walk with me." 


"I simply find it rather boring to stand and talk." he said as he turned his back. Never have i held a conversation with him for this long. He must really want me to know who he is. 

"You see, when you want to forget something, it comes here. As i said before, yes?" 

"Yeah.." i said softly as i followed him.

"I destroy them. I am what makes you forget things you suppress. The reason i can still see them is simply because i have the memory of their existence, and you no longer do." He explained. 

"Then why do i remember the most painful things in my life?" i stopped him.

"Well. Long story short, those memories are before my time. I can't touch things that happened before me, for they don't even arrive in my home, this place of ultimate solitude. Since the time of my existence, there have been several things you have forgotten, and i have destroyed nonetheless."

"What are they?"

He stopped, turned, and threw his fist to my face. I hit the ground completely blind sighted by his action.

"What the hell was that for?" I screamed.

"Sorry, i have no tolerance with stupid questions. If i were to tell you what you forgot, then that would destroy the purpose of me." He said as he adjusted his gloves. I stood back up.

"Then how come last time we met, you were yelling for me to remember?" 

"Ah yes, so you were listening." He almost laughed as he spoke. "There's a memory here that tends to fade in and out, thus leaving me helpless of it's destruction. You need to fully remember this memory before you can send it to it's doom. It's been going on for quite some time now, and frankly, it's pissing me off."

"Well.. what's the memory?" i asked as i braced for another punch.

"That's a good question. So you don't need to worry about me hitting you. I don't know the memories, i just learn of them when they come, and destroy them. This is something you have to remember on your own."

"How am i supposed to do that? i didn't even know it was happening, or that this place even existed." i shouted. He shot a mean glare at me.

"Don't raise your voice to me, you will regret it." He demanded. I looked down in remembrance of the past fights i've had with him.

"Well, as much as i would love to beat you to a pulp, our time is up. So i only have time for one hit, to wake you up." He drew back his fist and slammed it to my jaw. 

Instantly i woke up in my room flying into a sitting up position. staring into the darkness. heart and mind racing. I laid back down and tried to sleep my thoughts kept me awake. What do i need to remember, so that i can forget? (obviously, this question is rhetorical for those reading this.)  

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