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what are this?

its april the freakin fifth, well into spring break for my high school and imma b talm bout sum current event fa y'all...ll

 Firstly, Kevin Ware and his leg break, that was something out of mortal kombat. It kinda hurt to see it all over the internet everywhereiturnedeverysiteiwenttononstopfor3days.

According to Ware never wants to see the video on which it happened. 




But you probably do so here it is

but let's not dwell on such a depressing topic, let's go to a more entertaining and exciting one


now if you're like me your face made this emoti-face o.0

or if you're really like me and know exactly what i'm talking about then i should stop this not-so witty banter 

and get to the hailstorm

now, if you don't already know what i'm talking about then tickle that link and then feel shame that you just molested an innocent url


The phrase that's been viral on youtube for the last two weeks. it's by definition the next sweet brown and antoine dodson, the news is usualy pretty boring on the reg but there will always be one eyewitness somewhere, who will make their locas regret missing the news that day/night. so you should run and tell that. Homeboy.

Last topic/ Video. Wow that's 3. I feel like Ray William Johnson without the cool transitions.

I like the cool transitions. ):

This video is slightly less viral than the others but it's still pretty up there. Ok, now this one is simply a teenage boy in a snapback crying and  asking his ex to comeback to him

  *clap* *clap* *clap*

amazing. Congradulations, you are officially b-made

this was so just ridiculous and funny that there are parodies, like everywhere.

including my own

so that's it, the camera is mightier than the sword and i will see you next time i post.

p.s. i'm in chicago so if you go to my high school and see this don't expect me back to school until at least wednesday


Submitted: April 06, 2013

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