Life through a Demon's Eyes

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Gargros is a demon, descendant of a great generation, invincible in battles and anyone who dared to summon them became their vessel to the human world!

Submitted: July 16, 2011

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Submitted: July 16, 2011



 Hell was shaking! You could feel the fire burning hotter and the darkness become dense! The smell of blood was wandering on the air, because demons were feeding from the sinners' bodies. Demons were running and flying here and there, destroying whatever they could find in their pass.  

  Suddenly, a strange sound drew their attention! A big shadow was standing upon a mountain and was growling. Even the scariest of the demons felt fear, maybe for the first time of their life, which was endless. They all knelt in front of the big creature and waited to hear what he has to say. They all understood that this shadow, was Malafar, one of the biggest and most evil demon that Hell could ever have, after Lucifer of course. - My fellow warriors of evil! I'm so proud to announce you that another member has joined my family, a family of true demons and undefitable in battles. My son, Gargros is born! said Malafar and all the demons growled obviously showing their pride for having a new demon in their  "big family".

Norel, his mate demon, was standing behind him, holding Gargros tight! Malafar turned for a few seconds and watched his newborn son. In these few seconds he managed to imagine his son's life. A true conquerer and warrior of Hell! A real terror in the human world. Malafar and Norel had five more children, five more troubles for the humans! Kastos, a demon with great strength and speed, Jergol, a demon with the power to control elements, Malessa, a demon with the power to control anyone, Krona, with the power of shapeshifting and Grudo, who could travel between Hell and the human world, without anyone to summon him. He had strong children and he was proud about his demon generation, but Malafar had great expectations for Gargros and he believed that he would be different from his siblings!

The years were passing by and Gargros was growing! Each day his father and his siblings were teaching him many things about using his powers and for which purpose should he use them. He became tall with strange signs all over his black body! He had sharp teeth,shiny crimson eyes and mauve hair! And yes, Gargros was becoming more evil every day, making his father more proud, until Grudo took him to the human world! Gargros, watched the people work, having fun with their families and friends, fall in love, things that demons never did and never will do. Those moments that he spent with his brother on the human world, made him feel like he belonged there and all the evil vanished from his little, black heart!

Flying back home with his brother, he saw many people! Some of them were crying, others laughing, they were expressing their emotions! It was the first time that Gargros saw such things! - Hey, Grudo! Did you see those things that people were doing? he asked very confused about what he saw - Which things? Grudo replied - From some of them water was falling to the earth from their eyes and others were showing their teeth at each other! - Oh, I get it! You're talking about emotions, something weak that God gave to them! When water falls from their eyes, their crying and that shows fear or sadness and many other things that make their lives miserable and terrible. When you see them smiling, showing their teeth as you said, that shows that they enjoy something their doing or their having fun with their friends! - Oh! And what are friends?  Gargros asked again obviously very troubled - They're people who support each other in happy or sad times of their lives! Why do you ask anyway? You don't need these informations to torture or kill them! - And why don't we have emotions and friends? - Because we're not weak! We are the strongest demons along with our leader that Hell could ever have! We don't need such fool things! shouted Grudo to his brother with fury and rage

After this, Gargros remained silence until the end of their little "trip"! When they reached they home, their father was waiting for them to tell him the impressions that Gargros had about humans. Gargros tried to avoid his father but Malafar grapped him tight and waited to know what were his impressions and actions when he saw humans! - Tell me boy! Did you see them? Do you see know, how weak and filthy the humans are? We have the power, we are better than they are, stronger than they are! We torture them, kill them, because we can! But enough with my monologue! Tell me! - Well father to tell the truth, I didn't see weakness in them! They help each other, combining their powers and that's what it makes them better than us! Cooperation! And their emotions tell them what to do in each case! I believe that if we had such things, we would be great too! - I can't believe it! My son, my own blood likes humans? We are great, greater than they are! You're dishonouring your family with these words that you said! I've send you up there to take a look to your victims and you liked them! yelled Malafar and his voice resounded in every dark corner of Hell.

Malafar raised his hand and opened a hole in the ground! It seemed dark and empty. You couldn't hear anything from there! - I could kill you right now for dishonouring me, your family, but instead I'll throw you in the Dark Abyss and I'll let you perish as the time is passing by! said Malafar and kicked his  son into that black hole! 

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