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Taking many little inspirations from books such as V For Vendetta, Watchmen, and needless to say a little from the iconic movie, The Dark Knight, I have just tried to piece together something beyond my little expectations, and The Great Escapade was formed.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



9th December, 2050.

Today, I just stopped by Mr. Haze's as he was clearing his garbage just outside his neighbourhood house. I was surprised to see many of him items that were being thrown; comic books, magazines, old games that were used by old consoles that were rapidly changing the gaming industry. It seemed Mr. Haze's son, Rodrink, was finally maturing and evolving as a great guy.

However, as much as I adored the love and compassion of the Haze family, I cannot take my eyes of what the delicate, sophisticated yet ugly world has become. Flipped upside down, tormented with as a rich content as any other ordinary day meal, the system is too ordinary to begin with. So arranged, so... orderly, it never really came to life. All of what we know, culture, tradition, they all carried the same weight, the same fortune, the same fate. All of them relished each other as nothing more, and it never surprised me till' this day.

Could I blame anybody else for the plight we've plunged ourselves into? I wouldn't blame anybody; I'd blame myself. Much thanks to the works of the ever-changing society, we've already been associated with so much more. I walk along the streets to school, mind you, none of them seem to care as much as I do. Abusive bastards trampling on stray dogs and cats; the inescapable acts of adultry inside the alleys, so oblivious to anyone; the sign of fate and the full package of advertisement of the politics. I wonder if we've ruined ourselves into dust rubble or are we blind to be given all of these lemons we taste, but never see?

As always, my family awaits the condemnation of the country's next politics with the fight between charismatic Koel Jopper and always proving Hummer Vaughn. As always, a lonely party joins in the fray with Gabriel Front as the least effective of the 3. Though I've seen much more than what the world has to offer, I've seen enough. Things change rapidly, and they change rapidly too fast, too many. I wouldn't be totally surprised if Gabriel won the elections. It's been so always with the past elections. Examples? Back in 2042, Dramner Zopkamp won the election by only the smallest of percentage over his two other candidates. Rewind eight years before Zopkin's win, the country was ruled by Jack Uldiater, one everyone thought would never capture, but he did. Though I have to say it's always been a top drawn contest.

But the biggest and the worst of the rule came under Bon Palfer's, back in 2020. The way our country changed from dust, to rubble. From stocks to none. From authoritarian to not even a decent chance of hope. Congratulate him, people say, as he has made what our country thought of, proud but yet, distinct. A flavour fluorishes in my mind through Palfer's scent, as he changed our country, made it much more, relevant. However, people's resentment to him still lies within us. I have to agree, over 80% of the people I have spoke to have expanded their thoughts on Palfer. And all I have to say is... damn it. I've had enough. Let's just end it here.

Julia Arenna 

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