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About vulgarities.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



Well, I know that most of you, have indulged into these highly perspected vulgarities, when your friends uses them. Do you know why? Do you know what made them use it? Do you know why, you yourself, indulged into it as well? I've thought maybe you didn't understand every single one of these vulgarities, but overusing them is not someone who is in the right mind would do instantly.

What are these vulgarities, first of all? They include some offensive words from different languages, and their meanings are none less interesting as well as humorous. If your friends misused them, or accidentally hurled it at someone, it is better to advise them to stop their habit of repeating the words. Some of your friends will begin to say some of these words to let their steam off. Of course, unless you know the true meaning, or sometimes it is better not to know the truth is much safer in case you use it and misunderstand the meaning of it. Whenever you would shout one of this vulgarities, think. Do you think that if you say it will cool you down? Do you think that with just 1 words, will it make you feel better?

Sometimes, words of these comes to your mind when you feel your friend betray you; you had done something you had not done, but scolded for it; and also other reasons other people may not comprehend. Of course, if you can't control yourself, you'll mistakenly pour out these words eventually, but there's no certain where you will stop, so it might become habitable for you to use it everyday without fail.

Some vulgar words are in fact, so heavy towards people that you MUST consider NOT to use in front of friends. It would be good to have a charitable friend who can be able to stop you from choking onto these words and repeat them again. Vulgar from other languages is also quite a meaning that can really hurt people inside. Some people use it because their friends use it, and thinking of the fun and 'cool' way it sounds, they follow their friends then. People like them will really need counselling in order to control their vulgar words from using it.

So, if you ever want to use any vulgarities, think twice before reacting. This can damage your future withuot proper use. Thanks for reading.

Written by: TheRealB30
Date: 4/9/09

© Copyright 2018 TheRealB30. All rights reserved.

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