Born Hero Kinzoku Ude chapter 2

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the first day of school

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



Six o’clock my alarm went off I jumped out of bed and got ready for school. Oto and I were told to go by foot but I had a different idea. As we passed the old junk yard on the way to school I walked in and told Oto to follow me. I searched for enough metal to make a car.

Kinzoku Ude

Ability: Metal Manipulation

Explanation: He can make anything metallic once he uses the same amount of metal to make it.

Oto said “what are we doing here and what are you gathering metal for, are you planning to make something”, I replied “Yep, I’m gonna make a car”. “Huh you could do that I mean I’ve seen you do some amazing things but a car”.  As soon as I acquired the sufficient amount I charged up my power and made it. Oto was amazed, we jumped in and I asked “Umm, do you know how to drive”, he replied “You really didn’t think this through”. I began to drive not worrying about anything. We pulled up at the school all the first years were to attend a separate assembly. I was excited because all the teachers are supposed to be hero or retied hero. The teacher that started the assembly was Soundwave one of the top heroes in Japan. He only had one thing to say and that was to introduce the student who did the best in the entrance exam he had to give a speech.

‘Fellow students of MSHT my name is Suketchi Atisuto I have been assigned by the school to give a speech to you all to welcome you to this amazing school even though I as well am just joining it. On behalf of the school board I welcome to MSHT’. Then he drew a door on a piece of paper in less than a second pushed his hand through as if it was water and pulled out the door open it walked in and disappear.

Suketchi Atisuko

Ability: Reality Pen

Explanation: Anything he draws with a specific pencil he can make it real.

Then we were all separated into classes and went on a full tour of the school there were four buildings for all the different levels. The first building was for us the first years I was placed in class A the building had five areas 1. Hero Department 2. Hero Support Department 3. The Training Field 4. The Machinery 5. The Visual Training Compound. After the tour, we all changed in to the school training uniform and were sent to the Training Field. Our teacher was Soundwave I wasn’t that excited but Oto was. Oto and Soundwave have similar power so he wants to be just like him.

We lined up separating the boys and girls then Soundwave said “Hello most of you know who I am already but incase you don’t know I AM SOUNDWAVE! But you kids should call me Mr. Fujimoto I had you kids sent out here to give you a little exam but if you fail you’ll be expelled”. “Waaaaaaa!” we all gasped.

Next chapter: the exam to test your strength.

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