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What Happens When Your too poor to handle your family & thier all in trouble?
Demi goes to a party & there she meets this strange man..

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Love Sick

What Happens When Your too poor to handle your family & thier all in trouble?
Demi goes to a party & there she meets this strange man.. Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V I rang the door bell and looked around the neighbor, this girls sure has a big house, not that big, but for someone like... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V *what are you doing here ?* I froze, oh my gosh, he is going to kill me, or worse, rape me *I asked you a question* ... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V The next day I woke and I was still in his arms, I sighed, I couldnt believe I lost my virginity to some guy I dont even... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V After school Selena and I were walking home, thats when we saw a Porsche in front of the restaurant, people we around it... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V. We walked in the huge house, I sighed, Im not used to it, I cant believe that jerk !!! why did he even bought me, thats... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V. I couldnt believe it, he really took a nap, I sighed and looked at him, my life is so screwed I couldnt believe it, I s... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V. I was waiting for Joe, I didnt know how to go downstairs and I thought that he will come, I looked at myself one last t... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V. LATER THAT NIGHT Joe is walking Miley and Zac to the door and Im just on the couch like an idiot waiting for him to c... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V. THE NEXT DAY I woke up in his arms, he was snoring, I giggled, Miley was right, I just to act like he was a kid, I... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V. After 2 hours he finally pulled away and lied next to me breathing heavily, I turned around to look at him breathless *... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V., I couldnt believe it ?! what the hell is going on ? he just asked her to come to his room ! which means they... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V. I was sitting on my bed, today I was supposed to meet my teacher, I sighed, being home schooled sucks. I feel so lone... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V. It has been a week, Mitchel never came back, Im sure Joe fired him because I got another teacher. I didnt talk to Joe... Read Chapter

Demi's P.O.V. He picked me up and lied me on the bed and lied next to me before putting the covers over us. I looked at him for a m... Read Chapter

He unbuttoned my pants and start going in and out using his finger, I bitted my lip, I wont moan, I wont moan. He liked it, for him ... Read Chapter

After hours, he pulled away and lied next to me, I still didnt open my eyes, I didnt move I just wanted to sleep. *are you ok ?* he ... Read Chapter

He set me on his laps and ran his fingers through me hair, he kissed my neck tenderly and unbuttoned my shirt, he smirked, I didnt put on... Read Chapter

We walked in the beach house and it was as huge as his house. *we will stay here 2 days* Miley told me I nodded *come on lets choos... Read Chapter

The next morning I woke up and saw Joe sleeping next to me his arms wrapped around me, I smiled but it fade when I remembered that I was ... Read Chapter

When I walked back in Miley was sitting on the bed waiting for me, when she saw me she frowned *what did he do ?* she asked I sigh... Read Chapter

We walked in the water, it was cold. We walked until the water reached to my neck and I stopped, I was scared. He turned around... Read Chapter

He took of my towel and my swim suit. And again he raped me, this time harder than before, I was in the verge of tears, every time h... Read Chapter

It has been a month since I came here. Every day it got worse, Joe didnt stop he was doing it more often and painful. He was do... Read Chapter

I lied on the bed as tears start rolling down my cheeks, he did it again, every time he become kind he rape me right after, I cant stand ... Read Chapter

I was laying on the bed thinking about him, it has been a week since I ran away. Miley and I are staying in a hotel, not a luxurious... Read Chapter

We were sitting on the some chairs in the restaurant, my dad kept smiling at me and hugging me, telling me how much he missed me, Selena ... Read Chapter

I lied on the bed and closed my eyes, a lot of things changed, my mom, Selena and even me. The next day I woke up and walked downsta... Read Chapter

She was right, its not like he will love her, but it still hurts me to know that he will marry some girl and live with her until he dies,... Read Chapter

I started walking, but after a while I found out that I didnt know where she lives, but Zac was always at Joes house, maybe if I go there... Read Chapter

I heard Joe say *Demi? What are you doing here?* But I was in too much of a shock to nod or do anything. I just kept on staring. I don't ... Read Chapter

It was 11 and my mom and dad went to bed down. Selena came and went to Miley talking to her, and of course, ignoring me. I didnt really c... Read Chapter

She sighed and looked away *do you know where Joe has so much stiffed animals ?* she asked me as she looked at me, I nodded, *well his pa... Read Chapter

Joes dad nodded *then if you will excuse us, we have an important meeting, call us when he will be awake* with that they walked out and l... Read Chapter

A few minutes later Miley walked in and I wiped my tears * I couldnt find her, she probably went to some of her friends* she set next to ... Read Chapter

I didnt wait for his reaction, I turned around and quickly walked to Miley car, she saw everything since she quickly drove away, I was lo... Read Chapter

SEASON FINAL !! hope you like it since I love it ! I was walking home, still thinking about him, I couldnt get him out of m... Read Chapter