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the way i usually feel, sometimes but not always on days that end in Y...occassionally during leap years, and when the moon is waxing...or was it waning? i can't quite remember...

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



I feel like my heart is 


i'm coasting and toasting on this sidewalk grill

i'm losing all will

power has no control over me

thoughts of desolation and alienation

remain in my brain

in me i contain all the wonders

of the world


but why can't they see

that this face is not the real me?


i don't even know who the real me is:

i drift like the tide

i float like the wind

i rock with the crowd

i drink with the crew

i do everything that you want me to do


where am i going?

this steady flow flowing

it started--it's rolling

its growing

and i'm knowing now

that this is IT

i've got to take care of my shit


just me and the world

with everything against me


bill collectors knocking down my doors

no umbrella while the rain pours

revealing and whoring my mind and soul

flushing life down a toilet bowl


everything is spinning

is it cuz i'm drunk?

i haven't showered in daze

i smell like a skunk

but when the sun rises i see the morning tide

the ocean smiles wet

and i can't get enough of this wild ride


the whole thing is just a jumbledupmess

things are crazy--life full of stress

both good and bad

happy and sad

this equilibrium paradox of good and evil

its gives me this fever

i sense it in my bones


my words are heavy as stones

and all i want is to be free

but i'm so easy sometimes...and the i just snap


its like a button pushed too hard

i take it just a bit too far

.....my mind goes blank

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