a poem from a silly mexican girl

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Submitted: October 28, 2007

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Submitted: October 28, 2007



Listening to songs wishing
I were there with you
Jealousy and tears
"What ifs" and "can I change?"
Worries and fake smiles
Jumbled thoughts and
What will I do if you decide to up and leave
Sweet kisses and don't talk to him
Talks of marriage and silly scares
Broken hearts worth mending
And mistakes not worth talking about
Pretty girls and drunkin nights
Ex's and "what will I dos"
Thinking of him, but wishing of you
Caught between sweet smiles and painful memories
Wicked heart playing games
So many decisions
So many paths best friends
Or the ones newly made
Elementary or nows
So caught up between the two
Two simple decisions that could
Change a life so drastically
What if I'm not what you expect?
So many worries why do I feel so safe
With you, but then again
I'm afraid you'll leave me 
What can I do? Nothing?
Let life take its course?
I sit by the phone
And wait for it to ring
Am I pathetic or in love
Am I wishing on a hopeless star
Or am I doing the right thing
So many decisions so many paths
What can one girl do
When deep in side she still
Loves her ex

What can one do

When she is not sure which path is right

Which one she shall take when the guy
She is with seems to good to be true
What can she do
Do you really love me as much as you say
Or is it all a play
Will I be left there with a broken heart all over again
Only you can really say
Do you still love her
Is it fair is it right
Who's to say what's right and what's wrong
What do I do? Please tell me. What do I do?

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