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old poem happend a while ago

Submitted: October 28, 2007

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Submitted: October 28, 2007



You say I'm fake but who's the one
Hiding behind smoke filled rooms
And glass pipes?
You say I'm the fake one
You hide under smiles after crying
You're self to sleep at night.
I want to drop it
Yet you want to fight
I apologized I admit it your right
I cannot be human so it seems
I cannot have mixed emotions
Or want to scream
No I can not do that
You are such a drama queen
I left my friends out of it
But you let them In.
I cannot understand why I still
Want to be your friend
Is it because I remember
The way you were
Or could it be I was blind
And could not see through
Who you truly are
Was it because of the late night
Degrassi shows or late night talks
about family could it be I found
some one who understood me
But of course not that cannot be
Because here you are talking shit about me
When all I did was care and try to be a "friend"
I might have seemed harsh
Or not caring but it was the only way I knew how to get in
Here it is though we are not friends
A whole year of being bests gets ruined
And it is on my shoulders
Always has and will be
And all I wanted to do was say I am sorry
But you could not drop it
Of course not because you are stubborn
Oh well in a couple of weeks you will only be
no longer be a burden.

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