Stop, Drop, and Drool

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Adelina is inlove with this Boy that seems to be on a different social background then she is. He never really notices her until he gets beaten up by a gang and she then saves him.

Submitted: June 14, 2012

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Submitted: June 14, 2012



I had not opened my eyes yet and I could already hear the chirps of the birds sitting

outside my window, the sound of vehicles driving past and the constant noise downstairs from

my family’s feet drifting across the floor. As I opened my eyes and looked out my window at

the blazing sun, I could tell it was going to be a very warm day in my hometown of Miami,

Florida. As I slowly sat up in bed and looked at my alarm clock, I realized I was 15 minutes late

for school, which was when my mom called up the stairs,

“Adelina! Get out of bed right now; you’re already late for school!”

I quickly put on the cleanest pair of clothes that were near to me, which consisted of a worn

pair of jeans and a Hollister t-shirt. I put my hair up in a messy, uncared for bun and threw my

makeup in my bag, since I figured I could accomplish that at school. I ran downstairs, at the

same time bumping into my older brother Kyle, who shrugged me off. I then ran to the kitchen,

grabbed a premade bagel, and scurried out the door to the bus stop.

Later on, I got off the bus and looked at Miami Senior High School, enduring this for yet

another day made my stomach turn. The school was coated with a beige paint, numerous

windows that took up the fraction of the walls, and doors that could hold four students. This

school consisted of nearly 100 cliques all together, and I couldn’t even name them all. It’s

pretty much divided in half between rich and poor; I just happen to be on the richer side of the

clique. If you’re on the other side, you’re not supposed to be talked to by us rich people, even

though I break those rules the majority of the time. This all ran through my mind while I was

walking to my locker, getting glances from every direction. I opened my locker and looked in

the mirror which reflected the image of myself. It reflected a heart shaped face, with big blue

eyes, luscious lips, a small nose and chocolate brown hair that would have ended at my waist if

it was down. As I gently massaged my makeup onto my face, it became nearly identical to a

Barbie doll. I looked farther down the hallway at the guy that I’ve been in love with for the past

year. He didn’t seem to know I existed because he happened to be on the poor side of the

situation and happened to follow the rules. His name was Gabriel Linely. An oval face that

would remind one of an egg, eyes that were emeralds , brown hair that matched the intensity

of dark chocolate that seems to form all around his head, a flawless muscular body that makes

you want to stop, drop and drool. I seemed to be so distracted by his looks, that I didn’t notice

my best friend Sarah come in front of me.

She spoke excitedly with a high-pitched voice

“Hey Addie! Did you finish your English homework last night?”

I responded right away with a hint of sarcasm, “Of course! Either way I wasn’t going to let you

copy it!”

She frowned and opened her locker, after a long pause she looked up with a grin on her face

“So, I saw you looking at you-know-who again! Why don’t you just talk to him, instead of

staring at him creepily from over here?”

I felt my whole face getting red and I could tell she noticed.

“Well, I don’t know! He most likely won’t respond, I’ll just stand there awkwardly and keep

talking about nothing!”

She glared at me and responded, “You don’t know till you try. Anyway, I have to go to class..

I’ll see you at lunch?”

“Yup and I guess I’ll try!” was all I could think of to say

Before she left she looked back at me and said, “no guessing, you’re going to try.”

Then I started walking to history class to learn about the exciting events of World War I and

kept imagining actually talking to him, what was I honestly supposed to say? I walked into

history class with the monotone Mrs. Stevens and glanced over in the corner where he was

sitting quietly. I sat in my desk across from him, zoning out and not realizing how quickly the

two periods before lunch went by.

I went back to my locker and got my lunch and waited for Sarah. While I was standing there

Gabriel went to his locker, and I kept watching him until he looked right in my direction. I

turned away quickly to make it look like I wasn’t actually looking at him, but when I turned to

make sure he was gone, he was still staring at me. I had no idea what to do next, I wasn’t sure

if this was an opportunity to go talk to him or a stare telling me to vanish. I slowly raised my

hand and waved, he dropped his eyes and walked away. I immediately sent Sarah a text telling

her I was going to talk to someone and I wouldn’t be there when she came to her locker. I

quickly ran after him wanting so badly to just hear his voice.

By the time I reached him, he was standing with a group of friends outside the school. I

then got abnormally nervous. I wasn’t sure if it was worth embarrassing myself and him in front

of everyone. I slowly walked over towards their circle noticing they all turned when I

approached. They all observed my wealthy appearance with a despising glare. It took all the

strength in my body to ask, “ Gabe, can I talk to you for a second?”

He awkwardly walked over to a patch of grass far away from the group. As soon as we

stopped, he flat out asked,

“ What?”

Being this close to him made me feel alive and speechless. His voice was so deep and

seductive, his everything was exactly how I imagined it, and I couldn’t get past the idea of me

actually talking to him.

He obviously noticed that I wasn’t responding, so he responded with frustration in his voice

“ Adelina! What do you want?”

I woke up from my daydream, looked in his emerald eyes, looked down at the long olive

grass, and then looked back at his eyes.

“Hey.” Was the only thing that I could slip out of my mouth and in the quietest voice possible.

He ended up rolling his eyes, clenching his fists, and raising his voice higher than I expected.

“I can’t talk to you! You know that! So don’t even bother trying to take me away and talk to

me about the simplest thing! I don’t like you if that’s what you’re trying to get across. I never

will, so move on!”

I stood there shocked and out of words and wondered if that last minute actually happened.

He ran back to his friends, and I slowly walked away to tell Sarah about this upsetting news.

By the time I reached Sarah, she was sitting by our locker reading a magazine, eating a

blueberry muffin and drinking some coffee from Starbucks. She looked up at my frowning face

and droopy teary eyes and got up, walked over, and gave me a hug a bear would give me.

She looked into my eyes and in a gentle voice asked,

“Sweetie, what happened?”

I could then feel the tears that formed in my eyes and the constant flow of it rushing down

my face. She then gave me another hug, wiped away the constant flow of the river, then told

me I should probably go home to think it through and avoid any possible awkward encounters

with him. I figured that would be a good idea, since I knew I most likely would start crying

every time I saw him. I called my mom to sign me out, using the excuse of having a migraine,

since I got them regularly. Sarah gave me money to ride the city bus home, which I was so

grateful to get on after that embarrassing moment.

I ended up staying home for the next two days because my heart felt like it had actually

exploded into a million pieces. I had this horrible stomach ache that made the whole situation

so much worse and all I could wonder was what I did wrong? And why this happened to me?

Why couldn’t this whole experience be like a fairy-tale, and I just happened to be the princess?

That would have been so much easier, and I wouldn’t feel so miserable. I wouldn’t feel so

embarrassed, so guilty and just so terrible!

My mom got home from work at 8:00 pm, came straight to my bedroom, knocked on the

door, and told me that I needed to move on and go for a walk. What mother would honestly do

that? I got out of bed, looked in the mirror at my mascara that formed raccoon eyes, my

squirrels nest on my head, the blue, baggy, sweatpants and oversized sweater I was wearing. I

quickly scrubbed off the mascara, redid my bun and fixed my outfit by angling it on my body

better. I grabbed my iPhone with a beautiful hot pink case, put my overly priced running shoes

on and walked out the door.

I ended up putting my pink headphones that came with my IPhone in my ears and started

listening to upbeat music that motivated me to walk and get my mind off Gabe. I didn’t

normally walk at nighttime, but since my mom wanted me out of the house so bad, I figured I’d

give it a try. All the streets surrounding me were pitch black, and I couldn’t see anything. I

didn’t even notice someone running towards me until they were parallel to me. I didn’t know

how long I walked, but all I knew was that I couldn’t stop because it felt so good to just walk

and let everything that happened two days earlier drift off my shoulders.

After a while I figured I should probably take my headphones out of my ears because I

didn’t feel safe in this run down part of town. Every inch that I stepped the smell of people’s

garbage filled the air, which consisted of spoilt milk, clumpy and rotting from the heat earlier

in the day, the old fish that was left to rot in the sun, and the musty old carpets that were

thrown outside that had stains of every sort. The worst smell of all that overpowered them was

the smell of urine, fresh and pure from animals or maybe even humans coming from all


I walked so far into town that I was starting to get lost and had no idea where I was. I

stopped for a second, looked from left to right down all the alleyways that were pitch black and

hair-raising and tried to get some sort of recollection of where I was. Out of nowhere, I

suddenly heard movements down one of the alleyways to my right. I figured it most likely was

a raccoon or even a rat that could possibly do no damage. I turned my whole body towards

that alley waiting for whatever decided to face me. I didn’t even see a hint of light, and I was

starting to get so nervous that I was sweating even more than before. I then heard a

horrifying screeching guy scream coming from the alley that was on my left, so I flipped around

rapidly expecting something horrifying to emerge from the night. The screaming continued on

and started getting quieter and then turned to a whimper. Without expecting it, the person


“ HELP!”

I jumped out of my skin and focused on a light farther down the alleyway trying to see if I

could see a flinch of someone hurt. There was absolutely nothing, not even a hint of someone

present that I could see. I pulled out my IPhone and went to the “Flashlight” app, hoping it

would give me enough light to see the victim in harm. I ended up getting a glimpse of someone

laying on the ground, and he was surrounded by approximately five strong guys that were

attacking as if they were a pack of hungry wolves. They had no intention of stopping, and I

wasn’t sure if I should get help or do everything by myself. I looked around in all directions and

I didn’t see a soul in sight. I figured I might as well break it up before it gets any worse.

I started running towards them at full speed with no intention of stopping, but at the same

time shrieking

“ Stop! Stop hurting him! Stop……!”

All five guys stopped and glared right at me before running off in the opposite direction of

me and the masked man lying motionless on the street. I bent down, looked in his eyes,

grabbed his soft, masculine hand and spoke in a quiet voice.


He didn’t respond, just looked at me with his eyes slowly drifting shut and his hand getting

abnormally heavy.

I didn’t know what to do, was he dead? Did I call someone? Where do I even go?

I ran back in the direction I came hoping there was someone, anyone walking through

town that could help. I finally noticed someone coming up to me from my left side. She

appeared to be around the age of 50, out for a midnight stroll?

She quietly spoke in a sweet, tender voice, “ Hey dear, shouldn’t you be home? These streets

aren’t safe for such a young girl like you.”

In a snappy tone, I replied, “yeah I know, I need help though. There seems to be a young man

down the alley behind me that just got beat up by five guys. I was wondering if you could help


She looked at me with a puzzled look, “oh sure dear, he could come back to my place since it’s

just right there”

She pointed to the rundown apartment standing right beside us, and I was so grateful that

it was so close. I showed her the way to where the young man was laying and we gently placed

his arms around our shoulders to carry him to her apartment. He most likely weighed the same

amount as an elephant, and I probably was carrying most of his weight since she didn’t seem to

be trying. It took us about 20 minutes to actually get him from the alley to her apartment, since

the stairs were the hardest obstacle.

When we laid him down on the couch, I stepped back and was in complete shock when I

realized that I just saved Gabe, my one and only true love. I told the lady that I needed a

bunch of cleaning supplies for his cuts, bruises and damaged parts. I checked him over, I

was so glad when he didn’t have any broken bones. The lady handed me a first aid kit that

looked like it hadn’t been used in about a hundred years.

I started with the arm that was nearest to me and continued through to the rest of his

body. For any cut that formed, I stopped the bleeding, cleaned it out with soap and water and

then dabbed it with alcohol. I then placed a Band-Aid on any cut that was fairly serious just so

it had time to heal properly. Any bruises that appeared, I placed an ice cube on to minimize the

swelling and the discolouration of the skin. Throughout the whole hour and a half process, the

lady that helped save him was watching me.

She came over to me and bent down on her knees, looked into my blue eyes and asked, “

Sweetie, you know this young boy don’t you?”

I looked over at Gabe and quietly replied, “yes, I love him, but he doesn’t know it”

She gently rubbed my shoulder and walked away.

My eyes started getting really heavy, so I ended up falling asleep and not realizing it.


I felt something gently touching my fingertips, so I opened my eyes and realized I fell

asleep right on Gabe’s chest and while I was still sitting on the floor. I looked over at him and

saw his emerald eyes staring back at me.

He spoke in a gentle voice, “ Adelina… where am I?”

I looked around at the small apartment and replied, “At some lady’s house near where you got

beat up by some gang.”

He looked down at his body and replied, “oh.. did you save me?”

I smiled really big and explained, “ yes, yes I did. You’re lucky I was around.”

He sat up and grimaced from the pain he was experiencing throughout his body. He patted

a spot on the couch beside him. When I felt that hard, unsupportive couch on my behind, I felt

bad for making him lay on it. He looked into my blue eyes with an expression that I couldn’t

quite read. Just by looking into his eyes though, I could tell he was hiding something that had

to be important.

I tilted my head and asked “What’s up?”

He started to talk with a hint of relief “ I’m sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean to. I just didn’t

know what to do. The truth is Adelina, I loved you since Grade 9 when we sat together in

biology. You always made me laugh.”

All I could do was grab his masculine jaw with my hands and give him a passionate kiss that

would last forever.

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