14 Years Later, Reflection

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14 years after 9/11, I reflect on a new generation and the tragedy.

Submitted: September 10, 2015

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Submitted: September 10, 2015



14 years have passed since the horror that had people fearing the sound of aircraft, the Pentagon in flames, and New York’s iconic Twin Towers wiped out of existence. In Pennsylvania passengers aboard another aircraft made the ultimate sacrifice to save fellow Americans.

Today, I look around and see a new generation of Americans who were either too young to remember or were not even alive yet. They have not born witness to the great tragedy. Their knowledge of the twin towers come from questioning their parents and other relatives upon seeing them in old movies such as “Ghostbusters.”

Even for those children who lost parents that fateful day, some were too young to have full recall.  One child who was 4 at the time was quoted as saying, “It is a day of remembrance, not a day of sadness.” She only has abstract memories of her father who died in one of the towers. She might be sad she doesn’t have a father, but she doesn’t miss him. She was simply too young to have that emotional connection.

My nieces and nephew were born over the last 7 years. I try to remember that as I wonder how to teach them about it. They can never have the emotional attachment of those who have lived it but we must teach them to understand the pain and sorrow inflicted on the families of those who lost beloved members and friends and the country as a whole.

Never forget. Teach the next generation.


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