Interview with a Vampire - Samuel

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This is the second interview I did with Samuel, one of the other main characters in my book, Lost Soul. Enjoy.

Submitted: December 22, 2014

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Submitted: December 22, 2014



Samuel was a little more elusive to track down. I get the feeling that he is less inclined to answer certain questions. I assured him that most of them aren’t extremely personal. After a little convincing, I finally had him agree to this interview.

Samuel, I am surprised that you did not want to be interviewed at the same time as Julia. Is there a reason for that?

Julia and I have drastically different viewpoints on some things. I thought it would be best for your interview if we did not get into an argument over it in front of you.

Does that happen often?

(Samuel leans back and stares at me with cold blue eyes.) Only when certain subjects come up.
Ah, I see.  Well, let’s get started, shall we? (A barely there nod). Does living as a vampire have the same appeal as prior to being turned (if you’re that type of vampire)? If you had to do it over, would you?

Being a vampire never had any appeal to me before I was turned. Hell no, I would not do it over if I had to.

From what you’ve witnessed yourself, do the history books have it right?

There is a lot that the history books do not tell you. (He paused.) There are some things they get right.

Are there any female vampires around?

(He snorts.)  Is this a trick question? You have interviewed Julia already right?

I have. I did not make up the questions, Samuel. I only have to ask them.

Of course you do. I guess most mortals have only heard stories about male vampires.

What do you think of the recent fashion for vampire books and films? Has it made your life harder or easier?

Honestly, I am not sure what to think. Some of it is interesting; a lot of it has been strange. It remains to be seen if it has made my life easier or harder.

According to folklore, vampires can’t cross moving water. Does this present problems for you?

That, my friend, is pure fiction. Bram Stroker’s imagination I believe.

Are there other vampires, and if so what role does gender play in vampire society?

Yes, there are other vampires. Gender does not affect our society the same way it does mortal society. As vampires get older, they learn that gender really has nothing to do with our abilities. Age and natural gifts do.

They say a vampire’s bite brings pleasure rather than pain. Is that true, and how is that even possible?

(Samuel frowns) A vampire’s bite brings severe pain. If the vampire is smart and decent, they would hypnotize the human so he or she does not feel it. I have been told that some humans experience pleasure while in that hypnotized state. I wouldn’t know.

Do vampires possess a soul? What difference does having or not having a soul make? What happens when you die? (Assuming you can actually die… Can you?)

Whether or not vampires possess a soul is debatable at best. I believe some vampires like me have a soul. Other vampires I am not so sure about. I guess the difference is whether or not you become a blood-thirsty monster. I am not sure what happens when we die. And yes, we can die.

Do you believe in ‘true love’ and ‘soul mates’?

Soul mates exist. I have known at least two pairs of soul mates. I also believe true love can exist without soul mates as well.

Who made you, and why? Was it by choice, or was the choice made for you?

(Samuel crosses his arms and glances away for a moment. When he looks back at me, I can feel an undercurrent of hostility.)  That is a very personal question. I do not know the name of the bastard who turned me. It was not by choice.

Why did he turn you?

(He shakes his head and pushes a lock of light blond hair out of his eyes.) I am not going to answer that. It is none of your business. If you want your interview to continue and you value your health, I would drop the subject.

(I swallow nervously and my hands shake slightly.) Uh, I did not mean to offend you. I have one last question. If you live forever, or for thousands of years, and are difficult to kill, and are very strong and powerful… how do you not become a sociopath? And go off and start doing anything you want and acting on any impulse?

(Samuel shrugs.) Some vampires do. I guess that thing you call a soul may be a reason why others don’t. Some of us try very hard not to turn into the monsters others have been. I need to go.

Before I could thank him, he was gone.

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