poems of love and hate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

a book of poems that i made of love and hate


I am a lonely daisy in a field of sunflowers.

My beauty hidden by their large petals.

Every day I pray that the sun will see me or a drop of water will hit my petals.

But it never does and every day I wither and wilt another day gone another day the sun passes me by.

But I won’t give up because I know that the bigger the flower the more water it needs to survive and they will eventually wilt from drought and the suns light will shine on me.

It will be me that’s standing tall cause even though I am small I am still strong.

I am the lonely daisy and my time will come.


Stupid cupid


Stupid cupid you devilish fiend

Even though your cute you are ever so mean.

You point your arrow at me giving me hope

Then I find out your just an illusion and I come to the conclusion that you are me and I is stupid cupid cause if I am so smart I would of turned the arrow on me and shot my self cause love is what I give yet love is what I lack for I am stupid cupid sitting at home no arrows left and sitting by the phone waiting for you to call.

But in tell then I say that I am the stupid little cupid who never fell in love.



They say love is blind


They say love is blind but I know it see’s well

It see’s all around me but it never see’s me.

I am in a darkness that love can not find

It never takes a look at me like in another state of mind.

They say that love is blind at least only to me.

At times I feel alone and small just like a little flea.

But now I’m glad love can’t see me cause it mite just step on me.







Mad at the world

I trusted you

I believed in you and you cut out my hart and feed it to the dogs!

All my life I’ve let you use me like a matt


Today I get my life back,

Today I get my respect back!

I wanted love you gave me hate!

I wanted a friend you gave me an enemy!

And now nothing can take the knife out of my back.

Nothing you do can take away the pain.

Nothing you do can take away the scars you have given me.

All I wanted was for someone to respect me for who I am!

But if you won’t respect me for me then maybe you should live my life

And see if you still hate me after.

Tears of sorrow

All my life all I wanted is to be loved.

But the pain and sorrow of the past still affects me to this very day.

But as I sit here in the rain.

I think of all the pain I’ve had to go through.

All the fears, the sorrows and pain

So much pain, what’s with all the F***ING pain doesn’t anybody care about other people’s feelings anymore!

Doesn’t anyone care about what I think.

Love is all I wanted but love I’ll never get

But as long as I have the rain I know I’ll never fret


Submitted: March 01, 2012

© Copyright 2020 theron. All rights reserved.

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