the actors final curtin call

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a poem i just wrote

The Actors Final Curtin Call

The light

The light

it calls me to the final stage of the play called life.

I've taken my bow and I've taken my applause.

Now i proudly hand up my hat.

Knowing I've lived a good life,

a great life. one no amount of money can buy.

I've loved a love hotter then the sun.

I've accomplished dreams higher then the moon.

and I've felt a pain worse then death.

but without pain kindness wouldn't feel as good.

And without pain my life would be perfect.

and a perfect life isn't perfect.

it's time for me to go.

the light is fading.

my heart is slowing down.

and the Curtin is closing.

but before i go i have one peace of advice.

don't live your life in saluted.

becuse if your going to die you mite as well die having fun.



Submitted: April 05, 2012

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