A Place To Hide

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A college girl has news to share with her mother. She wishes she could hide instead. But sometimes there is no place to hide.

Submitted: January 30, 2015

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Submitted: January 30, 2015



A Place To Hide

by Tanya R. Simon

All Rights Reserved, 2015


Sometimes there is no place to hide. Even though every cell in your body is screaming at you to run, to hide, to getaway, sometimes you have to stay and face whatever is coming at you like a runaway freight train.


And as much as Drea Porter wanted to turn around and run out of the room, to not have to face telling her mother the thing that would devastate her, she had to stay and say it. She had no choice. If she did not do it today, her body would do it for her in a few months. So, Drea walked into her mother’s sewing room and sat on the floor because every other available surface was covered with fabric and various other things that her mother used to make the keepsakes she sold at the fair and for church fundraisers.


Her mother smiled at her softly and went back to her sewing. “I didn’t hear you come in. Did you just get back from the college?”


Drea watched the needle going in and coming out of the intricately detailed lace, christening gown her mother was hand finishing. Her mother looked back up at her, her brown eyes puzzled because it was taking Drea so long to answer. “Yes. The drive was perfect, just enough breeze to feel good with the windows down, but not be cold. I can’t believe how nice the weather is for this time of year.”


“Drea what’s wrong? I know my daughter and you have something to tell me.” Her mother put aside the christening gown. And took Drea’s hands in her work roughened ones. “We have always been able to tell each other anything. That didn’t change because you went away to college.”


Drea stared at their joined hands for a minute and then looked up into her mother’s kind, patient eyes. She thought it would be best if she did it fast like removing a band-aid. “Mom. I thought I had the flu so I went to the clinic on campus.”


“Are you pregnant?” Her mother’s hands tightened on hers. “Don’t worry, we will find a way for you to stay in school, if you want to keep the baby. I will help you…”


“Mom, I am not pregnant. I have AML.” Her mother blanched and Drea had to look down. “Acute Myeloid Lukemia.” She looked back up at her mother. “I had a second opinion on my second opinion.” She fought back the terror that came every time she had to say the words. “I have about 3 months to live. There is no treatment that can help when it is at this stage. Chemo will not work, neither will marrow transplants or any of the more experimental treatments.” When her mother just stared at her with eyes that had completely dilated, she hurried on. “I withdrew from school, made arrangements for when…” She swallowed hard and forced herself to say it. “For when I die. I came home to spend the remaining time with my best friend. I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would rather be. But if you do not think you can handle it, I will go to hospice. There is a nice one not too far from here you could visit whenever you wanted.”


This broke through her mother’s terror. “You will stay here. You will be at peace.” Her voice cracked. “You will be in familiar settings when the time comes.” She jumped out of her chair and grabbed her daughter, squeezing her tight. “I’m here, Drea. Mama’s here.”


As Drea squeezed her mother back she wished there was some place they could both go and hide where this would not find them.

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