The Place Where Color Lives

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My description of loneliness and how seeking to be free from it can lead to disaster.

Submitted: August 19, 2014

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Submitted: August 19, 2014



The Place Where Color Lives

by Tanya R. Simon, 2014, All Rights Reserved


Loneliness is too regularly thought of as bleak, boring, depthless grey, which is far from true. For me, I would colour loss of hope or giving up this emotionless shade.

There are those who would say that loneliness is darkness. They feel loneliness is the absence of colour, the inability to see anyone or anything else. This would be true if one never learned to look beyond themselves. For the darkness is overfull with a myriad of beings. You are never alone in the dark.

Loneliness is a well-lit room full of colour, where scenes of living play forever on floor-to-ceiling movie screens, and there are people all around. Yet, no matter how hard you look you cannot find anyone who is for you. There is laughter bouncing in iridescent shades off sunny yellow walls. It falls flat when you reach out to claim it. The smell of a thousand different flowers fills the air making it dance with joy and try as you might you cannot learn the steps.

You might swell with life for a time, so that you have colour too, but as the days wear on you begin to fade. You look around you desperately for the way you entered into this place where everyone is alive and warm, willing, surrounded by love and blissfully unaware of all that you are.

This is when you see the piles of bones and rotting flesh that no one else seems to see. When you draw closer to your horror you discover that it is all the other people who have come to this place of colour and never found where they belong. Their decomposition is no more noticed by those who belong here than there presence had been.

Walls begin to close in on you. The laughter seems to be at you instead of around you.

You flee wanting nothing more than your darkness back, but no matter how hard you look there seems to be no way back, no way to become part of the ones who thrive here. So, you slide down a wall throbbing with colour, pulsing with life, and lift your tired eyes to watch life go on all around you.

No one notices you sitting there fading away day after day. No one misses you. No one tries to teach the steps of the dance. You are invisible and alone. One last thought goes through your slowing mind, it whispers and taunts you as you become part of the heap of rotting meat in the corners of this brightly lit space. It curves your parched, cracked lips into a smile.

As you, close your eyes for the last time, you remember dancing in the dark and being happy.


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